How do you stay optimistic

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Problem solve, keep calm, remember its your life, be proud of surviving, count your blessings, develop insight.Any more questions? [ Source: ]
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There are lots of little munchkins around my feet, but the dragon is slain. I have lymphedema and my energy isn’t what it was, but I don’t have a thing to complain about because the cancer isn’t there.
Why African Banks Stay Optimistic –
Via Africa Confidential -After six weeks of billion dollar bail-outs, high-level sackings and the arraigning in court of five top executives, Nigeria’s financial sector is still robust enough to prompt paeans of praise from banks such as Go…
Why the Nigerian Banks Stay Optimistic Posted on Monday September…?
Analysts at Renaissance Capital call it the numbers game in Africa’s biggest market with a population of 150 million and note that Nigerians are still spending. One barometer, the sales of first-class and business-class air tickets on fligh…

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How to stay optimistic when an ex is with someone else?
Q: We’re 17 y/o. He was fickle and never knew what he wanted. He text me last week and I never replied. All of a sudden he has a girlfriend. He is in 2 of my classes, she is in 1 of mine. How do I get this out of my head? I have to see them both all the time. How do I stay optimistic but true to my emotions at the same time?PS: We broke up about 2 months ago; he just ignored me and I had to take the hint that we were broken up
A: Remember how he treated you and focus your attention on the qualities that he had that you don’t want in your next man! Keep busy too! That is what I always did. Not only does it keep your mind off of him but you will make new friends and meet new people, which is always great! Don’t let them bother you, he will do to her exactly what he did to you. Good luck! Stay strong!
TTC #2, how do I stay optimistic with Faith that it’ll happen?
Q: I’m a strong believer that God will provide us with another child, but we’ve been trying for about 5 months and still nothing has happen. It’s heart wrenching every month that I get my period. How can we stay optimistic with Faith that we will TTC #2?
A: five months of trying isn’t much. Perhaps you’re putting too much stress creating hormonal imbalance.Calm down, relax and enjoy your love relationship with your husband.If it really worries you, make an ob-gyn appointment to rule out anything being wrong
How do you keep your faith in God and stay Optimistic?
Q: My mom bought a restaurant A year and a half ago. She was a hard worker but because of the previous owners “irresponsibility” there was a foreclosure on the place or what ever.Now everything is so different. We have enough to survive but Not to live a more ”lavish” life style like before. We have food to eat but not snacks. I barely ever have enough gas. Life is a lot tougher. Now that same man bought the place back.Why do bad things happen to good people?ihml!
A: It is a blessing in disguise i tell you!Write that story down with every bit of heart ache and sell it to the new idea or flog it off in another publication.The Restaurant your Mum is going to serve up dinner in is… at the table of our lord and master.You can do a wide variety of things when one has wisdom and the person involved is obviously so shallow and void of any vision or variety that they had to rip you off.Do not worry. My website got removed by police and i never even got a note, They just hang up on me every time i call the office and say i am a nut case.So i went to the court house and bought mydelf a new business name and laugh at the fantastic advertising that they just gave me for my work that they stole out from under me without a word and in silence.So i say do what i do and let the strong arm of the Lord’s Law guide you and you will see your vision evolve grander and larger and it will encompass feeding the poor also, so you have charitable works within your snacks and the word lavish can be used to advertise the fact that god has a light shinning from your humble table and Christ Jesus would eat the last supper from your plate as you serve him.A quote from Zen and the fat bald man……in order to be master, One must first serve…Nothing bad happened to you good people…is everyone still alive??? good people do the work of the Lord.He is giving you a sign.Thank you.
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