How to control your dreams

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In order to be successful at changing your dreams you have to believe it is possible. If you’re trying to do something in…MORE? [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Set the proper environment. If you read a scary book or watch a scary movie before bed, you will be… ・ 2 Imagine what you want to dream about before going to bed. Close your eyes and visualize what you want… ・ 3 Go to sleep. If your…
・ Buy a small notebook, set it close to your bed and keep a pen nearby to write down what you want to dream… ・ Before you go to bed each night, write what you want to dream about in the notebook. (Be sure to label… ・ Read what you’ve wr…
・ 1. You have to turn off any music, or noise that is distracting in the backround ・ 2. Think of who you want to dream about ・ 3. Think of where the setting is ・ 4. Think of the persons voice specificly ・ 5. Add any fun or important…

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How do you control your dreams?
Q: The things that happen in my dreams often seem non-sensical, out of control, and rarely good (though usually not terrible or deadly) IE things like having to cram for an exam. My father and a few of my friends have briefly mentioned they have an ability to recognize they are dreaming, take control, and, for example, turn all of them into dreams about flying or sex (or both, lol). It there any good way to train your brain to do this?
A: Yup, there is!!Let me explain. When you are dreaming, the average person, will not experience certain senses. Examples:colourlight differencepainhot/coldtouch * people often WILL experience some of these senses in dreams thoughSo if you are dreaming and you realize that you turned on a light but didn’t see a light difference in the room, then you know its a dream. The thing is, its really hard for you to realize that in a dream. You need to train yourself. Everyday you need to ask yourself ” am i dreaming?” ” Is this real?” When you walk outside you have to tell yourself ” i feel warmth from the sun” ” i feel cold from the wind” ” i feel the rain” When you walk into a room you need to look around and notice the colours, the smell, you need to remind yourself that you can feel the doorknob or the carpet on your feet. After doing this for months, you will train yourself to notice these things in a dream. Then when you notice that you are dreaming, you can control it. At first you might wake up suddenly. Often you can continue on with your dream. If you get really good at controlling your dreams, you can fly. I heard that making yourself fly in a dream is the ultimate control
Is it possible to control your dreams and create a dream then dream it?
Q: I think it would be really fun and have a positive affect on me to control my dreams more. Since my dreams are so random and I always forget them. I think it would make me a more cheery person to control my dreams and make my goals seem more real. Like if I want to save up for a $200 dress, then I would do extra chores around house and dream I brought the dress to remind me its a reachable goal and to keep working for it.
A: “Lucid Dreams” can be hard to achieve, but with practice, some people can control their dreams most nights. The process involves you realizing you’re dreaming, then taking control of the dream. Start by telling yourself each night you’ll remember your dreams, as you’re trying to fall asleep. Keep a dream diary by your bed, and when you wake up remembering a dream, write it down. This helps you see the nature of your dream, which can help you recognize dreams while you’re in them. Another thing to do is make “reality checks” in which you do something like look at your watch periodically throughout the day. When in your dream, you may repeat this(your mind forms a kind of pattern, I guess). In dreams, the time will often change randomly. By looking at your watch twice, you may realize the time has changed too much and you’re dreaming. Once you realize you’re dreaming, changing the dream is very easy, you simply will it…When you’re there, you will understand.
Is it possible to control your own dreams?
Q: Just wondering that is it possible, because i think it would be really fun to mess around with dreams:DI once tried that by saying a simple sentence: “This is a dream!” , and after a few weeks, i succeeded with that, i knew i was dreaming, but as soon as i said that, i woke up. But is there any ways to completely control your dreams? And also know that it actually is a dream, not real life?
A: YOU CAN control your dreams, but it happens extremely rarely. I’ve only controlled my dream once or twice in my life, it’s so fun lol. Once i know it’s a dream, i just run around and do whatever. I walk into my neighbor’s house and destroy everythng. then i drive (im 14, so i can’t yet) and i drive into houses lol. It’s fun. Hope you get an oppurtunity like i did!
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