What can I do to make my life not suck

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Socializing and meeting new people should help! Initiate conversations and be friendly, and people will enjoy your company. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-to-make-my-life-not-suck ]
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How can we make life not suck?
“Dalai Lama says life is about happiness” Weird that you’d ask this, cuz I’ve been asking myself the same thing all week. Found a Dalai Lama book (the Art of Happiness) where he explains the goal of life is to be happy – to make b…
How do I make my life not suck?
Put away your violin. People who go around saying that life sucks are really just attention grabbers looking for pity. Yes, life can be difficult and cruel and unfair, but every time you’re about to start whining again, consider how fortuna…

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Does life suck, or is it just other people that make life suck?
Q: Simply put, is life itself a pain and does it suck, or are other people and how they act, what they stand for, the problem?I personally think it’s the people. We can do anything we want in life and act in anyway, and go anyplace, but other people try to make our life experience worse.
A: The problem with many people is that they wait for life to be great, they don’t do or ACT in anyway to make it better. They simply are the grumpier portion of america. Their lives simply suck because they expect it to be better, (keyword “expect”), now when they see others who Have “figured it Out” they get jealous if not annnoyed just because your life seems to be so much better than theirs.That’s when they make your life suck. The solution to this is that they need to understand the formula for life..”to be or not to be..that is the question?”-Hamlet Quotation, To do something about life and make it happen or or not to do a thing about it and live a crabby life style. if it bugs you that much, go and help them out? (Act on it)
How does one make life not suck?
Q: Um, to reinerate, how does one make life not suck?
A: you question made me smile, I was mistreated by someone who was supposed to be close so me. So I am trying not to cry, or even feel hurt about it, looking for ways to Cheer Up. I know, I’m not helping you much by my answer, but at least you’re not the only one wondering how.edit: I’ll go watch some cartoons in a bit, and eat some ice cream… lol
I am the only ugly person in the world, what can I do to make my life suck less?
Q: I’ve never seen someone who I thought was ugly, except myself, and I’m not the only one who agrees. I’m actually a person who knows that look aren’t ever thing, and I know that other people’s opinions don’t matter, but sometimes it just sucks. People call me ugly, and it sucks. It’s one thing to be made fun of for fashion, or hair, or even to be called fat. You can change those things. To be called ugly, well that just sucks.
A: I am sure that you are not as ugly as you make yourself sound. And even if you aren’t as pretty as most people, it can be fixed! You could get a makeover (if you are a girl) or something. Also, as for the people who call you ugly, they are just insecure b*tches! So ignore them and be more confident!
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