What can you do to make sure you get a good nights sleep

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Get more exercise, set a regular bedtime, set up better sleeping conditions, learn simple meditation and practice it before MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-make-sure-you-get-a-good-nights-sleep ]
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How to Make Sure Your Kids Get a Good Night’s Sleep?
・ 1 Set a schedule. Children should have a fixed bedtime and wake-up time when there is school the next… ・ 2 Keep to it. An occasional late night may be OK, but don’t make it a habit. Once the schedule is set… ・ 3 Make the bedroom a BED…
How can I get a good night’s sleep and make sure he’s OK too??
Your dog could be in pain. Get him to a vet immediately for a thorough check-up. If he’s healthy, try exercising him for at least an hour — more if possible — for a few days in a row. Make sure he’s tired enough to sleep through the night. …
How can you make sure that you get a good night’s sleep when it i…?
Well, don’t stay up too late for a start – if your sleep pattern gets mixed up, then you don’t sleep well the first night and the second night is worse, and so on.

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I have a very important interview tomorrow morning. How can I make sure I get a good nights sleep?
Q: I will usually toss and turn all night when I have something important the next day. I need to make sure I can think clearly tomorrow morning….it may make or break my career if I get it.
A: I wish I could help you, but I always have the same problem and nothing ever seems to help.
Do you make sure to get a good nights sleep before an important day?
Q: I am off to bed. G’Nite folks
A: you’re not getting married are ya? lolNight Huh, sweet dreams
Should prison officers wear soft shoes just to make sure prisoners get a good nights sleep?
Q: The reason given was that it fosters good relations between prisoners and officers.I expect 2 or 3 huge hairy officers should march into cells, each morning and do a drugs search at 06.00 every morning. I want brutality in prisons, I want all luxuries taken away (stereos, pool tables, shops etc).There should be nothing for prisoners to do except get an education and work for the prisons upkeep (cleaning and cooking etc).And if they refuse to do either then complete isolation until they agree to take part.Also, no early releases and stronger sentences.Make prison a punishment and something worthwhile, otherwise dont waste our money.Your thoughts?SO lights out at 9pm and wake up at 6 am is sleep deprivation?I get less sleep then that.I want rehabilitation as well, education and training for all including up to degree level as well as training for something like plumbing or whatever.But that must be the only thing they can do. No distractions to waste their time.If they want to make themselves better then they can, but if they dont then at least they dont watch tv and play pool.
A: Agree at 110% they are there because they have done something wrong, so why should they get more than some one who works his arse off.
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