What do hazel eyes say about your personality

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Hazel eyes says that you have the most common eye color of all! ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-hazel-eyes-say-about-your-personality ]
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What is your personality if you have hazel eyes?
Although both eye colour and aspects of your personality are directly and indirectly affected by genetics they do not have any affect whatsoever on each other.

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Hazel eyes and personality.?
Q: I have hazel eyes . I want to know if having hazel eyes says something about my personality.
A: Hazel eyes has nothing to do with your personality. It has a lot to do with your outer appearance and the way i guy can be physically attracted to you, but it has completely nothing to do with your persoanlity and the chemistry you have emotionally with somone.
What is hotter: Dark brown hair with hazel eyes or blonde hair with green eyes?
Q: This is describing me and my friend. We have almost exactly the same personality and body shape. The only thing different is our colouring. We thought we would find out what would attrack guys the most and which type of guys would it attrack. Please tell a little about your tastes to answer this. Choose between wavy very dark brown (almost black) hair with gold/green/hazel eyes or perfectly straight natural golden blonde hair with olive green eyes. Just interested to know.
A: I would definitely go for the friend with the dark brown hair and the gold/green/hazel eyes! I have always been more attracted to darker haired women…not sure why, but as for myself, am a brown haired guy with brown eyes who is really into the outdoors. Hope you ladies find what your lookin for!
what personality would my eyes match?
Q: I have a mix of hazel and green eyes,and i saw this thing were it said what personality matches your eyes. so i wanna know(:
A: I have the same exact eye color! I would say people with Hazel eyes are GORGEOUS. They have the most unusual relationships. They’re awesome at diversity and trying new things and very rarely will say no to any challenge. And people with Green eyes have the most passion when they are in relationships, and they have long lasting relationships. They long for the touch of one another. I think it will match your personality perfectly!
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