What do I do if I am scared of shots and I have to get a shot

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To reduce fear of injections, some doctors’ use cooling sprays or anesthetic creams that will numb the skin before the shot. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-do-if-i-am-scared-of-shots-and-i-have-to-get-a-shot ]
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Am I the only one who’s scared to get a shot in my forearm??
It’s not just you. Plenty of people are afraid of giving blood, shots, and needles in general. I’m not really that uneasy around needles, but the best thing you can do to take you mind off of it is to turn your head away, close your eyes, a…
Why do I get scared that I’ll get shot?
It’s a combination of things. Yes, tv shows play a part. As do things you have heard from other people, in the news, media etc. There are certain indicators that we are socialized to recognize as markers of a “bad neighborhood” an…
Is is bad i dont feel scared when some one gets shot in front of …?
wel the fact tht u hav seen things like this before wud make it a lot more understandable tht u didnt feel anything but i think u r feeling somethig and if nt nw u will in the future, subconciously this has already gt to u otherwise u wudnt…

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I am scared of needles and getting shots can anyone help Does the TB shot hurt ????
Q: does tb shot hurt what can i do to not be scared of shots
A: i’ve always been scared of needles since i was like 3. yesterday i went to the doctors and got 3, including the TB shot. I truely don’t know what to say about getting over your fear, because i’m still trying to get over mine, but I do know that deep breathing has helped me a lot to calm down before i get them. the TB shot is probably the least painful shot that i have ever gotten. it is a little pinch and that’s it. also, it sometimes helps to be squeezing somthing. so like one of those stress balls could work, or someone’s hand. good luck with everything, and if nothing works, just think about what could happen if you don’t get the shots. you’ll find that getting the shot is much better then not getting it.
I’m so scared of shots and i am going to get my shot tomorrow?
A: The tenser you are, the more it’s going to hurt. If you relax, you won’t even feel it, I promise.
I am going to the dentist today and I’m really scared does the numbing shot hurt?
Q: I have an appointment today at 3:50pm and I’m scared as hell, I’m 19 I know I should be brave but when it comes to sharp things in my mouth I freak out. So they prescribed me Valium, my filling fell out accidently biting on a popcorn with a kernel in it, so now I have this huge hole in my tooth where my filling used to be. I’m so scared about the shot. Should I be frightened about the needle? Will it hurt bad? What does it feel like?
A: Get some baby teething gel and rub it on your gums every 10 mins for the hour before you go into the dentist. You will not even feel the needle go in!! I do this every time as I was a nervous wreck before I found this by accident (had put some gel on an ulcer!)…good luck…;
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