What does a dream about cutting your hair signify

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Drastically cutting hair *cutting hair very short) can represent either freedom or a loss of self-identity. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-dream-about-cutting-your-hair-signify ]
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What does cutting the hair mean in dreams
symbol of a loss of power or Is it a barber or hair dresser? If so, this may actually point to something which needs to be discarded, or a feeling of needing to rid yourself of something. However, if the haircut is performed by someone oth…
What does it mean when you dream that you’re cutting your hair??
the hair, is how you present yourself or want to be seen by others the comb, is taking care of self or grooming if you like. i would suggest that this dream means a significant change in how you feel about yourself and want to be perceived …
Can anyone can help to interpret my dreams like Cutting my Hair??
To cut your hair means you are ready to change your mind or attitude. It sounds like you are ready to have more mature thoughts and ideas, but you realise it may cause a “wound”, that it’s not easy. Your mind is telling you it won…

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What does it mean to dream of having long hair?
Q: In real life, my hair is cut short and been that way for almost ten years. In the dream, my hair was long and almost at brastrap length. My mom even comment about how my hair grew so much and I couldn’t wait to go outside with the new length of hair.I read online that it signifies that I’m thinking long and carefully about a decision or something, but do anyone else has a different interpretation of this dream?Thanks.
A: yes, precisely what that means, you are growing and you can’t wait to face the outside world to make a long, and perhaps important decision. Your mom is supporting you and it might affect her (your decision).
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