What does bread mean in dreams

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He bread in your dreams could represent those positive and wonderful things that you have learned in your life’s journey. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-bread-mean-in-dreams ]
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What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Baking Your Deceased Dad’s As…?
Ashes as in cremation mean probable unexpected inheritance bread if stale or dark outcrop of family annoyances or worries fresh or just baked your future is secure.

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what does my dream mean, do you understand dreams?
Q: i only dream nightmares, scary weird ghost hunted nightmares, yesterday i had a dream! i live in euripian country alone, my family lives in african country.. i dreamed i was in africa where my family live and i told my mom i want you to meet someone i just met but i feel good about him, beautiful guy who in the dream i knew we coming from differant backgrounds, he is rich and his family a bit over the top! and im very normal, my mom didnt like his family , my brother didnt like him, in the dream i went to meet his family later on with my sister, we talked and talked and i felt so good like if i was inlove for the 1st time in my life, but i knew it wouldnt last, i ran away because i felt i`ll get hurt, went home mom told me where ahve you been i was looking for you i lied and said i was here for long time you just didnt see me, then there was knock in the door , my brother answer it, its the beautiful boy asking for me, he was looking for me for hours, i told him to go away then he told me would you please take this and give me bread!!! then went down the stairs, i got angry i didnt want him to leave, i throw the bread from the stairs and he got angry and walked away, i felt i was rude and followed him in the street teling him that am sorry , he huged me and i knew i`ll wake up ,in my dream i knew it was a dream then i woke up, wanted to go back to sleep but i couldnt, i felt so inlove in this dream,, so good feeling that i can say i never felt that way in real life, not like this, not this feeling in the heart that keeps you happy…. what does my dream mean, why he gives me bread,,,,,
A: Bread represents the family. If the bread is fresh then the family are content. If the bread is stale then the family may have problems.In your case you have been handed bread so I think that this means someone wants to welcome you into their family.It could mean that an opportunity is coming for you to meet the man you are to marry. Or perhaps you have already met this man and he will soon propose to you.Whichever way it goes it really means that you are going to have celebrations within the family.Good luck.
Last Week I Dreamed i was touching myslef with a loaf of bread What does this mean?
Q: im not particuraly fond of bread but this dream really confussed me because i kind of liked it. what does this mean?
A: It means that you are like George from Seinfeld (the episode where he ate the pastrami sandwich in bed). Yecchh.
I dreamed about BREAD!!..what does that mean? :P?
Q: And it was shaped in the figure of a heart lol
A: JESUS CHRIST is the BREAD OF LIFE and HE loves you!!!!
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