What is a strong personality

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People with strong personality’s are domineering, loud, confident, and often don’t like to compromise or change their views. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-strong-personality ]
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What is a strong personality?
I have a strong personality and it is a curse. I like to do what I like to do whether or not it is normal. Some people with a strong personality are just overbearing. Some people like me. Have a radical side to them where the battle will ra…
How to Have a Strong Personality
・ Figure out who you are. Some people spend most of their lives trying to figure out who they really are… ・ Set goals in your life and achieve them. To build self esteem, you will never be strong if you don’t… ・ Join a club or a sport. …
How to get strong personality ?
Become confident , Look good, feel good, eat healthily, make more friends, socialize on a regualar basis, take up hobbies, perfect what your good at, be nice to people, if you see someone without a smile, give them yours, treat people the w…

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Every one try to boss me,How can i become a strong personality?
Q: I am a 20 yr old gentleman but my problem is no one looks me as a person every one try to command or boss me even guys who are younger than me.How can i become a strong personality?Is my body language is my enemy?
A: I know it’s difficult, I used to face the similar problem. What I did was a self-analysis, I looked at my behaviour towards people, how I was reacting to others. I noticed that I was timid and had a low self-confident. Thus I worked towards overcoming them, through self-help books, asking honest guidance from closed friends and has developed a strong personality and also body language plays a big role, so you may try it and have self esteem and self confidence. You may work in front of a mirror, motivate yourself and trust yourself. And calmly stand firm on your decisions.
If someone had a very strong personality and was very self confident would that cause others to resent them?
Q: FYI – The individuals strong personality comes from overcoming trememdous obstacles that are not always apparent to others.
A: depends on how bitchy/cocky they are…
How do you size-up a person who has a strong personality?
Q: What is a strong personality really?Do they include physcial attributes?
A: yeah, sometimes physical attributes denotes a strong personality. for example, women who wear black or dark colors more or less have strong personalities. they avoid warm or cool colors because sometimes these connotes weakness. influence and principle are two gauges of strong personality. if she is a leader who can move people into action or a strong advocate of an idea, then more likely she has a strong personality. and if a person stands with his principles reasonably (or maybe not), despite the odds, then more likely he has a strong personality.or if he is a prominent personality battling the odds, more likely he has the personality.sometimes, there are people that even in your first meeting, you can size up that he has a strong personality. you just feel it. there’s the vibe.there are other measures, this is just my view.
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