Why do babies smile in their sleep

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Scientists say they are reflexes, not a real smile. What do scientists know? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-babies-smile-in-their-sleep ]
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Why do babies smile in their sleep?
Did you ever notice how many different faces they make when they are sleeping, faces they don’t make when they are awake ? I read in a study that the young babies are actually practising what they saw during the day, since they only see so …
Why do babies smile while sleeping?
New babies were believed not to be able to smile, however after some research and 4d scans it has been discovered that they can make alot more facial expressions than was believed before, such as pain, discomfort, dislike etc. Tiny newborns…
Do newborn babies dream? Why do they smile sometimes while sleepi…?
“New borns” It is hard to say what a new born dreams. We know for the past nine months they have been in their mother. Their they have heard voices and tasted new things. Now their out in the new world learning about their suround…

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Why do babies smile in their sleep?
Q: I’ve heard that most babies do the majority of their smiling in their sleep.Why is this?Also, is it ‘bad’ that I havent personally noticed this yet? I have a 4 month old – and to be honest, I’ve never watched/seen her sleep since she started smiling. Mums at mum group keep telling me about how ‘cute’ their babies are when they sleep, yada yada yada. But, I’ve never been able to get Heidi to sleep anywhere else but in her cot. She won’t co-sleep with me, or sleep next to me on the couch. The times that I have gone to check on her in her cot, she’s never smiled in her sleep.I feel really bad that I havent seen her smile in her sleep yet, and that I dont ‘watch’ her more while she sleeps, as other mums seem to do. Should I be doing this?Ummmm… Hello?My baby does smile AROUND THE CLOCK! Thats why I’m worried that she DOESNT smile in her sleep.. DUH!Think about it.aeacl => I NEVER said Heidi smiles in her sleep – she smiles when I go to feed her in the middle of the night.Do you even have kids, you pathetic troll?
A: My grandmother used to say the angels are tickling them when they are sleeping.
why do new-born babies smile when they sleep?
Q: my friend’s got a baby, he’s less than a week old. when he sleeps, he will just smile out of the blue, and then his face will go back to normal, and then he’ll do this again. and it’s such a beautiful smile as well.in our culture, we say it’s because the angels come to the babies and make them smile.what do you believe?
A: I believe it’s angels too, and when they are awake and looking above you or off to the side and smile 🙂
why do babies smile and laugh during their sleep – angels?
A: I honestly think its good dreams, or even yes angels.
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