What is subliminal messaging

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Usually when subliminal messages are seen or heard, they’re not recognized for what they are. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-subliminal-messaging ]
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A subliminal message is information that your subconscious receives without you fully realizing that you’re receiving it. Because your conscious does not identify that information and therefore does not filter it through your logic, judgeme…
A subliminal message is a signal or message embedded in another object, designed to pass below the normal limits of perception.
It is one that you don’t realize that you are receiving. They did commercials where only one frame out of 1,000 frames in the film said “You are thirsty”. Then played them in movie theaters to see how many people would get up to b…

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Does subliminal messaging violate any Constitutional rights or acts decreed by the US government?
Q: I happen to be writing a report detailing the cons of subliminal messaging, but I seem to be having trouble finding sources to support my words. Help?
A: Cons? if it’s subliminal, it’s brainwashing. Advertising without knowledge of advertising.
Why is subliminal messaging used in media and in relation to Relatoinships?
Q: Why is Subliminal messaging used? Does it really improve Relationship status or make it worse?
A: its to put the thought into your mind make you ”feel” [think ] thirsty chances are you will feel like a beer or a coke [bet you you go for a drink in 5 minutes]or if you got a drink besides you you tried to check if it was full that how it works where your mind is your body goes.dont fool with it if a ”relation ship ”needs it ,your mind has allready picked up hints its over.
How does subliminal messaging affect children?
Q: Disney has been known to insert words, such as “sex,” or the well-hidden piece of genitalia into their movies. Yet, can that negatively affect the development of children? Subliminal messaging has been around for quite some time, but how can it negatively affect the psyche of people, children and adults alike?
A: Hmm I don’t know… but I would venture to say it doesn’t… I don’t think the children notice it, I don’t think their subconcious even picks up on half of it either. Haha, I just thought of, I think it was Superbad where when he’s in like 3rd grade, he constantly draws pictures of penii, lol! And then the teacher catches him!!!So half the kids are already little pervs anyway. And I don’t think the Disney artists are actively trying to insert subliminal messages, I think maybe they’re just bored with their jobs and screwing around. Or perhaps, maybe subconciously THEY’re thinking about sex, and it winds up in the film and they don’t even know it!!!(But it is true they have a bunch of sex offenders working at Disneyworld… at least it *was* true.)
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