What is the average iq for a 15 year old

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The average IQ Score for a 15-year-old in the United States is 120. Thanks for using ChaCha, and have a great night! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-iq-for-a-15-year-old ]
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What is the average IQ for 15 year old?
Averages for IQ tests are based on age, for any age the average IQ is 100. A low IQ is below 60 and a high IQ is over 120.
How good is an IQ of 129 for a 15-year-old?
Two sigma Average IQ on many standard tests is scaled to have a mean of 100 with a standard deviation (SD) of 15 points, so a score of 129 is almost two SDs above the mean. About 68 percent of the population will fall within plus or minus o…
What is an average IQ score for a 15 year old?
The average IQ is 100 regardless of age. IQ is intelligence, which does not change too mouch during ones life. Yes, it can improve through the years, and when you are older it begins to deteriorate. But in general it remains the same. The p…

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Average IQ for 15 year old Male?
Q: What is the average IQ for a 15 year old male(me).I scored 127.
A: The average IQ for anyone of any age is 100. On a real IQ test, the top 15% of the population would score between 115 and 130, so that would be a very good score. If that was an internet IQ test, the score is meaningless. Internet IQ tests are just for fun – they don’t agree with the real ones and give everyone high scores, sometimes ridiculously high.
What is the average IQ of a 15 year old female?
Q: I wanted to see if I was average, below, or higher. My current IQ score form Tickle.com is 117.
A: The average IQ of a 15-year-old female is 100.
average IQ for 15 year old girl?
Q: i just took this free online IQ test thingy so i doubt it’s very reliable lol i got 140, it didn’t say how good/bad that was, is that good? what’s average?thank you
A: Check out this site … it will explain IQ a little better …http://www.thesmartbaby.com/iq_chart.htmAverage 85 – 115 Above average 115 – 125 Gifted 125 – 135 Highly gifted 135 – 145 Genius 145 – 155 Genius 156 – 165 High genius 166 – 180 Highest genius 181 – 200 Hope this helps …
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