What is the worst way to kill your self

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There is no best or worst way to commit suicide – they are all equally bad. Thanks for asking ChaCha today! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-worst-way-to-kill-your-self ]
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If you were dying on a long drawn out process, would you kill your self to make it go faster?
Q: I have 3 illness by them self each one can kill me but together it is worst. Each day is a complete battle for me.Sometimes I think today is that day. I feel that maybe if I kill myself i will be free. The only person i would hurt in doing this would be my son.So i try fighting it by coming here and writing question for sometime of compainship. i try writing question that I think will help others and to aid in something beyond me. Does this make sense to you. I know that there are people out there that do not care at all about others or how they are existing.I just hope that my question do help someone,encourage someoneBut if you knew you were dying would you think about committing suicide based on the fact the pain will end.
A: If I were truly in excrusiating pain that could not be mask or repress at all, then I would be a liar to say that I would not contemplate the releive that would accompany death from the physical pain. However, if I could be of help to any one in the days that I do have, such as being the companion to your son & possibly others with whom you may not know personally, it may just make each day a little more tollerable than the last.
Getting confidence to kill your self?
Q: i am constantly feeling depressed and there isnt a day goes by when i dont think about killing my self. i have no confidence in my self or anything. i have self harmed for 6 months and im sure my arms hate me aswell as the rest of the world because they hold many scars. im only 15 and i cant live feeling this bad. i want to kill my self so bad but im too wussy to do it, any1 have any advice on how i can get confidence in ending my life =(thanks.To all people who say get counciling etc.. i dont trust NOBODY, when i trust it gets broke always. i never share my feelings with any1 happ/sad/mad i keep quiet, and it took me time to actually post herethanks for answering so far and showing you care but still have no answer to my question if there any answer
A: Killing one´s self really isn´t going to resolve one´s problems, in fact it may very well create more. Firstly, the emotional scars left on those left behind may never disappear.Secondly, if an afterlife exists it is commonly supposed that suicides are shunned by everyone as they have rejected the gift of life and the chance to progress. Thirdly, life can be very beautiful if you appreciate it properly. I believe that it was Lord Tennyson who wrote;Two men looked out of prison barsOne saw the mud, the other the starsGet yourself involved in a project to help others and you will soon see a change. Good luck.
What’s the worst punishment they can give you for killing somebody in self-defense?
Q: Let’s say someone attacked you in a secluded area, you fought them off and killed them in the process. When the police arrive all they see is you and a bloody crime scene. There were no eye-witnesses so no one can be sure that you only killed them in self-defense.What’s the worst they can throw at you? Voluntary manslaughter?
A: the worst they can throw at you is murder. If you can prove self defense, however, you are excused from all charges.
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