What would I do if I killed a person

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You should try to stop them. They are probably sick and need help. Or call the police or ambulance. Life is precious. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-i-do-if-i-killed-a-person ]
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Is Caylee’s Mom the person who killed? Personally, I think she’s …?
Of course she is, its not the fake, made-up nanny. Yes she should get death. I just hope that Cindy gets it though her head that its true and quit making up excuses for Casey. I think George knows the truth and is just scared of his wife,…
How do I find out the name of a person who killed my brother??
I am so sorry for your loss,I too have suffered someone leaving me too soon. I hope that you arent planning anything harsh out of your pain… I know sometimes there seems like nothing else to do,no way out of the pain,but your brother wo…
Am i the only person who thinks Twilight killed the vampire??
I don’t know if I would say that it killed the vampire. I would say that it has made them no where as dangerous as they are. I grew up with the lost boys, interview with the vampire, Fright night. In those movies the vampires were scary. If…

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How far would a person have to fall to be killed?
Q: Writing a story in which a character is killed by falling from a balcony. Need to know what the minimum height would be for the fall to kill the person.
A: Slipping on a sidewalk can do it.
If u know that someone shot and killed someone would you hire a lawyer for that person?
Q: l know someone that killed someone and his parents are getting him a lawyer does this make sense, he has already confessed to killing this person….what can a lawyer do for him…
A: they can find out what happened and why there’s always more goes on than meets the eye and I would help my child no matter what unconditional love I think its called and lawyers can reduce sentence etc
Would the party responsible be given a heavier sentence if the person killed was a two month pregnant woman?
Q: Or will they be tried as having killed any other person? I am mostly referring to drunken drivers or careless drivers who caused the death of a pregnant woman. thanks
A: I think they should be charged with the unborn child Here is a true story! Mel was my ex. sister inlaw but I watched her grow up from about the age of 3 yrs I loved her like a sister Mel and her unborn child was killed April 09 2004 by her boyfriend He was charged with the child’s death but that does not ease the pain I have added the website Dana set up for her stop by it and light a candle for her! It has been 5 yrs. now the hurt never stops You can also Google the story online Melanie Pasley of Hot Springs Arkansas. Mel was only 22yrs old!!! THANKS FOR READING
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