Why are deaths so sad

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Death is universal truth. Loved ones grieve as they feel irreparable loss has occurred in their life. This causes sadness. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-deaths-so-sad ]
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Why is death so sad ?
We have to accept that something as ordinary as talking to someone we love has changed.Death of a loved one changes our lives.We are left with many unanswered questions , left with unfulfilled opportunities and a future that will not be spe…
What do u think about michael jacksons death ? is so sad??
Michael Jackson was a good kind hearted person. He was a charitable man and had great empathy for those who suffered in life. He gave millions to charity. He had his own charitys and everything. He was a great influence and i love the way h…
Is anyone else so sad about Michael Jackson’s death??
I still can’t believe he died…. not only was he one of the greatest men to ever live, but he was planning an amazing comeback as well. What happened to him, from his early childhood with his abusive father, to his later life full of ignor…

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Why am i sad about his death for the first time in a long time?
Q: In March of 2000, my uncle, who i was very closed to passed away. It was really rough on our family. I was only 10 but I still remember him well. Time healed the pain but ever since christmas 2008 I have been missing him and thinking about him a lot more than usual. I even had a dream last night that he was in and tonight thought about him and started crying. The last time I was this sad was in 2000. Why did it just come back out of nowhere?
A: That happened with me and my Grandpa, thoughts/dreams/ all of it. I dont know if you believe in this kind of stuff or not, but they may just simply be with you, or want to let you know they are still thinking of you. Or maybe you havent thought of them in a while and something sparked a memory, and kind of like the song you cant get out of your head (you dont know why,) its just there.
Why do most lullabys seem sad or about death?
Q: If u notice the lyrics of the lullabies we sing to our kids to get them to sleep, u would see. “Rock-a-bye Baby” talks about a baby falling out of a tree. Any answers or sources would help.
A: omg i know, like ring around the rosie. everytime i see kids playing it creeps me out.
Why is my friend obsessed with sad and depressing events?
Q: I know she has some mild depression. But there is something more to it. As soon as something sad happens, for example a death or injury of a friend she always wants to be involved and acts as if Christmas has come early but tries to hide it. It seems like she pretends to be happy but deep down wishes everything were miserable. Maybe there is a disorder? It just seems a lot more involved than depression!
A: i do that all the time too.. i dont know what it is. but i have depression dont know if it something to do with that. but my friends know thats just what im like. shell probably make a good nurse or medical person.
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