Why do i kill people

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There are people who suffer from a certain kind of explosive disorder. It results in anger being used as a secondary emotion. . [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-kill-people ]
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Why do people kill people?
Good question.One of my ex coworkers just got killed by her husband.He beat her in the head with a hammer.My first question when I heard about it was WHY.Why would he do that to such a sweet girl who from what I knew about her would never h…
How many people did Chucky kill
Chucky has a body count of 27 people. What an evil doll!
Why do people kill themselves?
well there are many reason why people kill themselves it might be because they hate there life,or maybe if they love someone and they are dead so they want to be with them or maybe because they want to go to heaven etc.

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Why did Christians kill tens of thousands of people during the Crusades?
Q: Why did Christians kill tens of thousands of people during the Crusades? Is that what the Christian god ordered? Why would you want to follow a religion that kills other human beings in the name of their religion?
A: Please, you must realize that anyone can do anything and then say it is in the name of God. Just because someone CLAIMS to be acting on His behalf, does not make it true. People come to this site and claim to be speaking for God that are not really but are trying to make a mockery of Him. If the action or words do not line up with the teachings of His Word, the Bible, they do not represent Him, regardless of their claims.
Why do people kill their dogs with food?
Q: Why don’t people realize that an obese dog lives a much shorter life than a dog of a healthy weight?People love their pets, yet kill them with too much food and treats! It just really bothers me that almost every pet I see is at least a few pounds over weight and the owners don’t stop to think that it is unhealthy!! Is it because people are lazy and don’t want to take the time to measure the pet’s food, so they just leave out a huge bowl full of food. Or is it because they can’t restrain themselves from giving the dog treats? Any opinions on this?The reason I ask is that my vet mentioned today that only about 10% of the pets he sees each day are a healthy body weight and some are so fat that they can’t even stand through the whole exam. I think that is abuse and just wondered what everyone else thought.
A: Most people do not know what a healthy dog should look like. Some people have dogs that are the perfect weight but they think it is too thin so they push it to eat. Then there are the owners who think that every time the dog begs they need to give it a treat, they feel they are being mean if they do not.For some reason people believe food is love so people are killing their pets with love, but then again we live in a country where obesity is a serious disease. When people are killing themselves with food,it is only logical that they will do the same to their pets.
Why is it illegal to kill people, but animals do the same?
Q: Animals kill other animals in order to protect and to eat. Some take joy out of killing things as well. So why is it we can’t share the same fun and get a meal out of it as well?Why is it illegal to kill people, yet animals can do the same to each otherNOTE: We are scientifically classified as animals.
A: I could write a long answer but I’ll just say this:We are sentient. They (for the most part) are not.Plus, have you ever tried telling animals not to kill each other? Not exactly enforceable is it.
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