How do you remove tonsils

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During the surgery, which takes only about 20 minutes, doctors will open your mouth and remove the tonsils. If tonsillitis happens to you a lot, the doctor may suggest you have an operation to remove your tonsils. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do you remove tonsiles?
a doctor will remove them or it in a hospital but i am not a doctor and cant give you medical advise but it is an something done everyday. hope this helps
Why do people remove their tonsils?
While tonsils are helpful for keeping bacteria out of the lower throat, and can help prevent infection. However, some people’s tonsils actually cause more infection than they protect against, so they get sick more often with infections of t…
Do I need my tonsils removed?
I am not a doctor, but tonsils are part of your immune system that inflame periodically when they have trapped excessive germs or viruses. Generally they do not remain enlarged or inflamed for more than a few days as your system tries to pa…

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How would I remove tonsils myself?
Q: My friend desperately needs her tonsils removed. She doesn’t have insurance, and has no money to perform the surgery. Luckily, I’m the only one with enough balls to remove them for her. Do you know of any household items that I would use, or even a schematic of tonsils? Any information would be helpful.
A: How do you know that your friend needs her tonsils removed? At one time, tonsillectomies were common, but they are now a last resort, because it has been found that tonsils DO serve a purpose – they catch infectious agents before they have a chance to make their way into the respiratory tract. In almost all cases, the modern antibiotics available are a much better choice than surgery.I DID have my tonsils and adenoids surgically removed as a child, and even though the surgery was done in a hospital with qualified and experienced medical staff, I nearly died from complications.So you are insane if you truly believe that a person with no experience could actually perform surgery. I’ll assume that you are just a “funny” guy. If so, ha-ha. If not, we’ll probably be reading about you when you are charged with involuntary manslaughter.
How do you remove tonsil stones?
Q: What is the best way to get them out of your throat and to avoid them reoccuring?
A: I found a couple of websites with tons of info… tonsil stones can also cause bad breath (they are made of sulpher, calcified nasal drip, and bacteria… ewwww), and so one of the sites is dedicated to that aspect of tonsil stones… but all very interesting!I would at least see an ENT about it, and worst case scenario, if the stones are contributing to a really bad quality of life, you can have your tonsils removed. Just remember- your tonsils are there to catch this kind of debris before it goes farther into your throat!Good Luck!
What happen after you remove you tonsils?
Q: Does it hurtWhere do they cut to remove your tonsils. Like what part of the bodyHow many days do you have to miss of school
A: Yes it hurts. They will probably give you strong prescription painkiller. I would also recommend getting cough drops with benzocaine in them to numb your throat (I wish someone had suggested that to me!) Drink lots of water. Took one week off from school. Should have taken two. Good luck!
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