How is cervical cancer treated

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It depends when the cancer is discovered. The 3 main methods of treatment are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. [ Source: ]
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Treatment for Cervical Cancer Some women with early-stage cervical cancer are treated with a radical trachelectomy or a simple hysterectomy, and nothing else. A radical trachelectomy, also known as a cervicectomy, involves removing the cerv…
There are different kinds of treatments available for female cervical cancer. Some types of treatments are traditional and other forms are being tested during clinical trials. A clinical trial is done to help improve current treatment optio…
Sometimes cervical cancer is found before it is even considered cancer. These pre-cancerous lesions can often be removed in a doctor’s office or clinic. Two common procedures are called the LEEP and Cone. Both of these involve removing the …

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How is Cervical Cancer treated?
Q: If you can just give me a few facts that would be great.Thanks!(:I don’t have it, I’m just diong a report on it.
A: It is according to the “stage” of the cancer (as in how long it has grown there without notice). The most usual first step is Cryosurgery. This is basically where they freeze the cells and they slough off and this is an in office procedure done under local anesthesia. This type of treatment may be done several times before a normal PAP test will confirm that the cancer is no longer there. The other options are Hysterectomy (partial to complete according to the degree of the cancer). This is a very in depth question and you can find complete information at this site:
how can cervical cancer be treated or prevented?
Q: if i have abnormal cells from being diagnosed with the hpv virus how can i prevent myself from getting cervical cancer?
A: I had abnormal tests from the time I was diagnosed with HPV when I was 22 to the time I had my son at 25… no more bad tests… see where I’m going with this??? PS – Abnormal doesn’t mean cancer or even that you’ll get it. Stay current on your pap smears and use protection!!!
How is cervical cancer diagnosed and treated today and in the 90s?
Q: Recently, someone in my family said they had cervical cancer and was diagnosed 10 years ago. In the beginning, they said that the doctor performed a pap smear, and from this, diagnosed her with cervical cancer. He gave her 10 to 15 years to live and told her, “Live your life!”. Apparently, in the 90’s, their was no cure or even treatment for this form of cancer. However, after researching cervical cancer, I discovered that cervical cancer was typiclly caused by HPV, that a bioapsy must be performed in order to even diagnose this form of cancer, there are treatments, it’s curable, and doctors typically give people 5-years to live upon diagnosis. I presented these facts to the person making this claim and was told that in the 90s there was no cure for this cancer…the terms she used to describe her diagnosis wasn’t medical at all.What are the symptoms of cervical cancer? Ways it is diagnosed and treated? Was it treatable in the 90s? How can someone survive for 10-years?
A: Hi I am an Oncologist.The methods of treatment of cancer cervix were more or less same in 1990’s as today, but that does not put anyone in bad picture,.. one has to see what it was then and what was actually advised, it is easy to point fingers. For e.g. very early cancer (carcinoma in situ) can be treated by a simple meathod of LLETZ which is an office procedure and life is normal after few hours, patient is cured for life and may not remember anything(least of all- any medical terms) after 10 years.You may speak to an oncologist in your areaAnd with early disease one can be completely cured of cancer and continue to live more than 10years and may die of natural causes(as most of us will)
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