When you’re in surgery and they put you to sleep can you feel it too

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General anesthetics produce an unconscious state. In this state a person is: unaware of what is happening, pain-free, immobile, free from any memory of the period of time during which he or she is anesthetized [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you%27re-in-surgery-and-they-put-you-to-sleep-can-you-feel-it-too ]
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When you’re in surgery and they put you to sleep can you feel it …?
General anesthetics produce an unconscious state. In this state a person is: unaware of what is happening, pain-free, immobile, free from any memory of the period of time during which he or she is anesthetized

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Harboring an aggressive dog, struggling to have to put to sleep?
Q: This past Saturday we had to bring in our eldest dog for a recheck after her surgery and we somehow got around to babbling on with the vet, eventually we got to talking about our four year old red heeler mix dog and his aggression. He was always aggressive – in the litter he was a bully to the other puppies, as a pup he would bark and snap and go completely mad, . . . I foolishly thought nothing of it until about two years ago when it became too much. Several times he came within inches of nailing someone, when he was just 5 months he bit my sister’s friend’s finger, it’s just a constant thing and I can hardly manage bringing him in to get health care if he is sick. I don’t have the energy for it any longer. His dad was also mildly aggressive to dogs and people. As my vet put it, “you’re dog is one of the few that is born with a ‘screw loose’.” And she’s right. It’s even more difficult because he is so loving, and wonderful within the family and the people in our home but with outsiders it’s a whole different ballgame. I’ve consulted with a few trainers, and breed rescue groups they said my best bet is to humanely euthanize — and my vet agrees. It’s hard on me because I fought so hard to keep him (I was a young teen when he was born and we kept him) and since then he’s been my life. But I simply don’t have the energy to care for a dog with aggression and I question his quality of life because of it. I’m finding myself trying to distance myself from him and I know that breaks his heart because we are so close and it hurts. I wish for so much a place that would take him in and rehabilitate him rather than what I feel like is murdering him. I don’t know how to cope with this, has anyone been in this situation before? How do muster the courage to go through with putting your dog to sleep? And as an alternative, would anyone know of a place that might consider taking him?Yes, I’ve consulted (with the dog) 3 trainers and they have all insisted that the dog can not be fixed of his aggression, it can only be tamed however, he is still considered a risk because of how anti-social he is. I am not asking for you to question my situation. I’m asking that people answer me with suggestions on how to cope with this because this is the situation and it can’t be changed. Unless, by a miracle, a person would be willing to adopt the dog.So anyone got any methods to cope or are you just going to voice your opinions and ideas that doesn’t involve the having to euthanize?
A: John,Read the question. ~~~~This is an ugly situation and I wish I knew what to say that would help you, but should anything happen where the dog bit someone it is your liability and they will sue the crap out of you and most states would require very expensive “jail” for the dog (happened to me and my girl just scratched someone by accident) or they will force you to euthanize him anyways. The circumstances are almost impossible and I don’t blame you for not having the energy to work with his aggression any longer, it is too much and obviously heartbreaking. You might send out an email pleading for help to several rescue groups in the area and see if they take him not necessarily a ACD rescue.Putting to sleep is hard especially when the reasons are not old age or terminal illness. I’m sorry, but you would be doing a wonderful thing for him. Going outside is miserable for him and locking him away in the house for life is no way for any dog to live.
anyone that’s had orthopedic surgery, please read.?
Q: when i was 11 i had to have a hip replacement on my left hip. i cracked a chunk of bone off of my femoral head and had a crack all through my pelvis. they put a cap on my femur then a screw to hold it all together. this was 01-08-02i’m almost 19 now and for the first time since my surgery i’m hurting again. it’s always ached a little, so i’ve gotten used to it, but now it’s really bothering me. I got a tetnus shot last Thursday and since then i’ve been hurting in my hip. and at night when i try to go to sleep, if feels like someone is stabbing a knife between the bones and twisting it and i can’t sit still too long because it’s aching so bad. i can;t even cross my legs or sit Indian-style right now. is this normal? should i just try to wait it out and see if it gets any better/worse or go ahead and see my orthopedist?please help…if you’ve had any similar surgeries has this happened to you? what has been you;re experience? thanks…
A: Make an appointment with your ortho doc.Hip replacements have a limited life span, as you are young yours may be wearing out and soon need replacing.It may also be arthritis causing the pain, this is a common complaint following bone surgery.See the doctor,they will be able to arrange x rays to see what’s going on.
You probably won’t read this cause its to long but please i’m in serious need of help?
Q: everyone knows i dont go to schooleveryone knows i disappear from contact with anyone in the summereveryone knows that i have a boyfriendno one knows whats behind this face.i guess im writing this bulliten cause im lonely but my summer has been shit. wanda (not going to label her my mom anymore) called the police on my bf and shes drinking more and shes getting crazy and im not allowed out of my house until he goes back to michigan which is insane. i am not well.i wanted to die today. i cant sleep i cant eat im depressed. i weigh 101 pounds almost 100 my weight is normally 110. wanda’s tumor needs to grow so she can get a bad surgery and die this time. ive never truly wished someone to die. but i sincerely hope she does. i want to kill her but that’ll put me behind bars. my hate for her almost surpasses my future.im not getting any clothes or school supplies for this year. what a bad start and a bad impression on the teachers. i think im just going to drop out. its so hard to come home to this broken home and go straight to doing my homework. i gotta take my mind off of stuff.i felt innocent now i dont know how i feel i dont pop pills or get shitfaced i dont sneak out i dont manipulate people i dont lie but some how i am a prisoner. in her eyes i should be punished. she wants to put me in jail too. and my dad. my poor dad. so this year if i start to rebel im standing up for my morals. which are natural. i have human rights.. i shouldnt be held captive in this cell and be tourmented. “Whore, Slut, you’re disguisting. i want to put you in jail.”all this strain against me makes me want to drop out of highschool and start doing drugs and join a gang and steal and rob and murder. i never had a family. i only have my sister. my dad is decent but hes a lil crazy himself. now im not allowed to even see my sister cause wanda hates her too. im so ashamed im brought up in this womans house.. im ashamed i came out of her.anyway so if i start going on the wrong path it’s because my mom wants my life to be hell under her authority. cops werent bad enough. restraining order isnt bad enough. she wants me to be as miserable as she is. she doesnt want me to have clothes and doesnt care if im yelled at by my teachers. she thinks i deserve it. what the fuck did i do? dont know. my moms not right in the head i feel like a child deprived ive never had a real mother. never. thats something im jealous of. yeah all you guys who hold your moms hands and have talks with her, and she yells at you for hanging out with the wrong croud cause she wants you to go somewhere good in life, you guys need to appreciate that. thats beautiful its the thing im jealous of it makes me cry you guys just don’t know.. i never know something so evil could sprout from a mother to a child. but it has. im a good person i just people to know im not rebelling cause something stupid like i didnt liek that i could stay out til 12 or something its cause my moms trying to do anything to ruin my soul. she has her half of the family calling me a whore and shes making up shit about my boyfriend cheating on me calling the cops getting restraining orders yelling at me saying shes ashamed of me and not buying me clothes and all of this shit… i am abandond. i am nothing.this happened to my half brother. i never met him but his was way worse. my mom was with this guy b4 she married my dad. they had a son and he turned out to be gay. she left him on the spot. abandond him too. my mom cheated on my dad like a million times. and she thinks im gross cause she thinks henry is cheating on me and banging me and other girls and i tell her we havent even had sex and she calls the cops on him for sagitory rape and tells them hes a drug dealer. when i talked to the officer i think he was on my side and thought she was crazy.idk.. but i feel different now this is an ending to my safe life. welcome to the real world ashley, thats how i feel. you get chewed up and spit out by the people you thought would be there for you.and for me and henry, we’re waiting til im 16 for him to come back down that’ll be on september 22nd then im going to get emancipated so wanda wont be able to make decisions for me. i also have to drop out so i can get a job and pay bills. but i really want to stay in school.. i had the mindstate of doing my homework and stuff. now im discouraged cause i wont have paper or anything. wish i was adopted by someone. well it’ll get better when im 16in athiest eyes there is no guidance. i am on my own.
A: I didn’t have much of a family either living with a controlling alcoholic father and my bro teamed up with him. It was fucked. Anyways i moved away with my grandparents 10 months ago and it has helped me be less tense in alot of ways. Now i can actually work on all the ****ty things that are wrong with me internally. Idk what to say except its a long road either way you look at it. Just try to make the best out of it…
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