Please answer my ?

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on accident i put this ? under std i dont know why i wasnt thinking but neway i went to the hospital cause i was bleedin in my rectum and i was constipated and he said it was a cut and now these several days ive been bleedin a pretty good amount, and ya im constipated but should i worry or what do i use to make it go away i dont like itttt..i worry! please help me someone?!?! and no i dont have put anything up my butt!
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Sounds like you are straining too much. Try an enema if you are still constipated. Remember to eat plenty of fiber and drink water every day to prevent this from happening. Go back to the doctor’s if the bleeding continues to worsen. Could mean there is something else going on in your bowel.
Try colace it’s a stool softener, drink plenty of water.not too much caffeine. If you continue bleeding, please don’t wait too long to see another doctor.
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