Do virgins always bleed?

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This girl i went out with a good few years ago, she told me she was a virgin but when we had sex, it was like a hot knife into butter, there was no pain or bleeding for her.was she having me on ?? it doesn’t matter so much now as i haven’t seen her for years, but it’s something thats always puzzled me.
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not all virgins bleed.
no, a girl can break the hymen through sport and vigourous activity.
the first time i had sex i didnt bleed but the second time i had sex i bleed so bad i thought i started.every women is all depends on the size and shape of her hymen..
No…. who knows if she is ? who cares? you are not marrying her .you are not a virgin , so whats the big deal ?
ask her x boyfriend b4 you
girls don’t always bleed. but I did.A girl can break her hymen doing certain sports, like horse riding and gymnastics. and also they can even break using tampons.the idea for sex not to hurt is to completely relax, so it could be these reasons you experienced this.
No virgins to not always bleed. In fact with the advancement of more physical activities among the female population today. Accidental tearing of the hymen is a certain possibility. Such as with bicycle riding, horse back riding, gymnastics, an addition something as simple as inserting a tampon can tear the hymen.
I hate this question it is such rubbish. A girl can tear her hymen, if she has one, just by riding a bicycle. I never bled or had pain and it annoys me to think that a guy feels let down if that doesn’t happen. And anyway were you a virgin?!
No. (same as J.P. & katem1992 above.)
not always but it’s somewhat rare.
It really depends on what she has done beforehand.Simple things such as horse riding or using tampons can break the hymen therefore there will be no bleeding. It’s the breaking of this that causes the bleed.
no and if u were a gentle n considerate lover it may not of hurt excessively or at all
No, not all virgins bleed. And it’s not always painful for them, as some would say.
not necessarily, they can have hymens that stretch to allow penetration without tearing, i think is more of an attitude thing, not a physical thing (virginity i mean)
No. You only bleed when your hymen is broken. A girl can break her hyman way before she first has sex.
no no and No
no.not always
No not always, it is common for girls to bleed prior to sex, more so if they horse ride or ride a bicycle or do any form of gymnastics.
Not necessarily. It’s different for each girl. Especially the physically active girls tend to break their hymens accidently during their activites.
No not all women bleed. The hymen can brake prior to intercourse for several reasons, use of tampons, sexually pleasuring herself. Just because she did not bleed does not mean she was not a virgin. She may have bled but you did not see it,it doesn’t always happen right off the bat.
Not always
She probably was not a virgin.
It depends if she is acually a virgin and if she had a hymen
Not always, the hymen (which is the cause of the pain and bleeding) may already have been broken in the past by sports or tampons.
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