Ho much does a Gynecologist Visit cost?

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When I had my last period it smelled REALLY bad and strong and the blood was a strange brown color. It was also kind of sticky. I have never had a gynecologist visit and I am 21. I have no health insurance and almost no money because I am a poor broke college student lol. I think I have like $150 in my savings. I have no family members willing to help me out and my friends are all poor college students as well so no go. Should I wait until summer when I can get a job?
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well. they are pretty expensive! you might try going to the health department, they do gyno exams for prety cheap in tulsa
Most States like CA have a special plan for women to get reproductive health. Also some offices will do pro bono work. Planned parenting will also give exams for low to no cost. Do it soon though cuz if something is wrong youll regret putting it off
about 150 bucks here in fla..go to the infirmary at your college or planned parenthood can help..there are always low cost programs availble to help the poor ps. if you are sexually active, you must take care of your health…did you know that cervical cancer is caused by a hpv virus that many people have??
Please visit www.plannedparenthood.orgThey have helped me 100% for free in really desparate times. Please do NOT wait. If you have an infection (STI, STD, or otherwise) it can spread or become worse in some other way. But, sometimes it is normal to have a stickyish brown discharge that is heavy and somewhat smelly. You should go to the gynecolgogist anyway, because starting when you are 18 you should go once a year, especially if you are sexually active. Not only will going to the gynecologist ease your mind, but it will also help you to stay healthy!This page is a good basic health one, and they also have a location finder. Good luck and be healthy. Like I said, Planned Parent Hood’s gynecological services have always been free to me (and I’m not that poor, they require no income information at all, it’s very easy!). http://www.plannedparenthood.org/sexual-.
most colleges have student health center for student’s free use or with minimal fee. a doctor visit can cost 150-200 bucks.
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