Why do i keep having Tire marks in my underwear?

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I wipe and I wipe but it doesnt all come out..its really embarressing when my mom does my laundry(yes i still live at home) because she will tell everyone and my 16 yearold little brother hits me and calls me names.this isnt funny Im almost 29 years old and i still have dirty underwear!!
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Your mon keeps throwing your clothes out the window in an attempt to get you to leave her house. Then your cool little brother drives over them in his flashy car. because YOU KEEP SH*TTING YOURSELF! hahaha its called a shart.Do u have buck teeth too from sucking on ur moms nipples?
Wet fart? I think you are just making up stupid questions. You are bored, and thats all. Have fun!!
i hear hemorrhoids can make that happen too, not sure how or if the person telling me knew what they were talking about Do you have hemorrhoids? If so this might be the problem, during a BM the stool gets caght up around the enlarged hemorrhoid and during clean you fail to wipe it. If this is the case using moist wipes like baby wipes and cleaning throughaly around the hemorroid will help.
Maybe it’s time to move out! But you need a bidet or keep some wet wipes next to the toilet and use them, hahahahahahahahahahahaha sorry couldn’t resist.. Try using a wash hahahahahah cloth.. hehehe hahaha hohohoh wow.
Wipe better and use the wet baby wipes to get it all. you are a pig. that is why.
MAYBE YOUR FULL OF SH_T,AND ALSO YOU ARE A FREAK. buy boxers or colored briefs
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