IUD? Any information on its removal. Is it painful?

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How long should you wait after having IUD removed until trying to get pregnant?
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it’s not painful, it might sting a little but that’s all. my doctor told me to wait until a had a period before i tried to get pregnant.
It should be similar to the insertion.I suggest this regime its starts 1 month prior to removal:1st week 1 pill orally of evening prime rose2nd week 1 orally one vaginally at nite time while in bed3rd week 2 orally 2 vaginally4th week 3 orally 3 vaginally40 min before your removal take 500 mg of ibuprofenThe evening prime rose pills help soften your cervixAS FOR TTCI would persnally wait 2 months incase there any minor scarring in the uterus keep in mind the IUD gets ripped out. plus this gives your body time to adjust
I had an IUD removed earlier this year. It was really painful for about 2 seconds. By the time I yelled, “Ah! Stop!”.it was out.
They use a local anthestic..You have to ask the doc if you can start having kids right away.
I’d wait a year. When they took mine out a year ago I was asleep. So I couldn’t tell you about the pain. But I got pregnant two months ago and everything is OK.
I would give it a month for it to clear out of your body. It could in theory stop working quicker.
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