Pudge problem, women only pls?

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I need help with this. I am on depo prevara and I already plan to come off of it. I have to take birth control for my endometriosis and I will be switching to Alesse. Anyhow I have gained weight on my lower half of my body and my upper half is too skinny. Buying clothes is hard. I am super skinny from the waist up but from the waist down I am pudging up and have really bad cellulite! I need to correct this somehow and I am taking gym classes (cardio and yoga) 3x a week and I dont eat junk food but the weight is only increasing on my lower trunk area. I dont know what to do, I look like someone squeazed me and everything went to the bottom. Why does this happen??? Should I completely come off the birth control? HELP! Ive tried the cellulite treatments and creams, is hormonal weight gain that hard to loose?
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if it runs in your family to have big bottoms than you cant do much.but if its all due to hormonal weight gain than just stick wit the gym for a while its going to take time to show results.
I am also on Depo, and I am thinking about getting off of it. Yes, hormonal wieght is hard to lose. I am trying also. Once the depo is out of your system, it should get a little easier. Good luck.
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