What some reasons why a womens breast would hurt.?

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It bothers me to sleep on my stomach or even cross my arms. I am 100% sure I am not pregnant.
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Check your bra. You are probably not wearing the correct size or fit. There are stores you can go to that will measure you for correct fit. I kept getting a terrible pain in my breast when I wore one certain bra. It wasn’t right for me. Another reason might be that your breasts are growing or you have stretched wrong and pulled a muscle. If you have big breasts, you might have to wear a sleep-bra.If this happens around times for your period, you might be having some water weight during that time.Do you know how to do self-exam on your breasts to check for lumps. If not, you need to learn how.If the pain continues for more than a few days, SEE YOUR DOCTOR, just to rule out a more serious problem.
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