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Im a teen-age girl and im very self consciuos of my image and how i look in front of people and lately ive been noticing bad acne on my face. what do i do? please help me!
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get over it!!
Hi ps good luck
Paper bag.this too, shall pass
it happens to everyone just ignore it it will go away thats what I do
See a dermatologist to prescribe a good skin care regimen. and relax. It’s just acne.
if you can afforn pro active try it otherwise just clean your face
Take it easy on the sweets and avoid really fatty, greasy foods
It’s totally normal. If it’s really bad talk to your parents about going to the dermatologist, they will be able to help you out with acne. My friend used proactive and it made a major difference.
First of all you are breaking out because the fact you keep worrying about what others think. relax. Wash your face and put your face lotion on it and go to sleep. Then tommorow ask your mom to order for your face ok sweety. 🙂
Try using dove unscented soap. My son bad acne and used this which seem to help. Please stay away from all of the so called acne pads and so one as they dry your skin out and cause the acne to be worse. As far as being self conscious about how you look. Remember you look as good as you feel.
Take it easy on the fries, cokes, chocolate. And see if it doesn’t get better.
See a dermatologist. Every teenager is insecure, it takes time to settle into your skin.
you should go to the dermatologist. ive heard proactive works very good, or even differin gel works well.
Water!! Tillyou feel wter-logged. Proven to clear up skin. Takes abouy two weeks.
always make sure not to touch your face alot during the day try to let your face breathe, by that I mean no make up , at least not much, wash your face often use a wash cloth to rub the soap around it helps to break the zits open without pinching them, if you don’t have any acne medicine at home check to see if you have alcohol or peroxide that will help also. just be careful not to get it in your eyes. Talk to your mom about this also, she may have some ideas also.
4 me, all u need is to relax
stay home till it goes away..
well, everyone gets acne.. so i wouldn’t worry about it that can to do a dermatologist or probably just your regular doctor and they will prescribe a cream or a pill that you can use//take to help clear it up faster. Good Luck!=) && don’t worry. if somone likes you, they will [hopefully] like you for your personality and won’t be concerned about a pimple or two. 😉
Try proactive.
stop stressing over your image. stress makes acne worse. eat well, keep your face clean and relax, it’s temporary.
Have you considered a brown paper bag?
Since acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands influenced by hormones, fatty foods have no effect. Use products that minimize your outbreaks. There are many appropriate over the counter products that contain benzo-peroxide that help. If your acne becomes severe consider consulting a dermatologist. Acne seems to get better with age and can make a reappearance later in life. Good luck and your perception of your appearance probably doesn’t match how others view you.Don’t underestimate your beauty.
try to keep your face as clean as posible, do not use soaps that overdry your skin, use the one that hydrates it, make excersice, excercising helps, the toxines and bacteries that causes acne go with the sweat
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