Do i have a good chance at getting pregnant

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Women have only about a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant during each cycle, even if you time it just right. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Do I have an good chance of getting pregnant ??
Sperm can last for 24 hrs( I guess), as your most fertile days are known, try doing that every day or every alternate day. That will increase the chances. Try using a OPK then you will know for sure when you are ovulating. Then you can do o…
Are your chances of getting pregnant better if you have sex in th…?
Good news for all you night owls: While some studies claim that a man’s sperm count is higher in the morning, the differences are so minimal, I don’t think it matters much in terms of getting pregnant. Say your mate’s sperm count goes from …
How many follicles give my best chance of getting pregnant??
According to different studies, 3-4 follicles gives one the best chance of getting pregnant, while more follicles beyond that simply increases the risk of multiples.

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do i have a chance getting pregnant? (revised)?
Q: i asked this question a few days ago and didn’t get the answers i was quite looking for. hopefully i’ll get some better ones this, i’m just curious. i’m not having sex and i don’t plan to until i’m married. but i’m just curious:i’m 16, 5 foot 3, and 105ish pounds. i barely have any body fat.i’m a flyer[girl that gets thrown in the air] and a tumbler on my varsity cheer squad. what i’m asking is if somehow i got pregnant at this time, would i continue to stay pregnant? or would the fetus die early due to what i do and how active i am?i’m not worried about getting pregnant, i was just curious. getting pregnant at this time of my life would have many concequences and downfalls for future goals.
A: I got pregnant in my senior year and i was also on the cheer leading team, my doctor told me that there was no need for my to give up cheer leading because the baby was tucked safely deep below my pelvic bone and surrounded by amniotic fluid. I was a base, so i was the one catching the flyer, which could come with some very drastic blows to the stomach, be he said it was fine, i continued cheering the rest of the season, and was only 11 weeks when competitions came around. Had i gotten pregnant early in the season i would have quit just because eventually you’re going to have to anyways because once you get far enough along you’re going to be at risk of hurting the baby. ( plus as a flyer you’re gonna be getting too heavy to lift.) but if your asking if you get pregnant and continue cheering before you find out you’re pregnant if it will harm your baby the answer is no.
whats the chance of my girlfriend getting pregnant on her period but did use a condom?
Q: me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time (with each other) tonight and i started wondering, she IS on her period though there was no blood while we were having sex, but she said when she got home and took a shower she started bleeding bad, we DID use a condom but im just wondering what the chance is? can someone please help me? im 16 and shes 15
A: Don’t worry, the chances are slim it sounds like.PLEASE continue to use condoms, better yet, tell your girlfriend to get on birth control!
is there a high chance of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method while taking bc pills?
Q: I kno theres always a chance, but i need to kno how high or low the chances are?
A: The withdrawal method is essentially no method at all. You are simply relying on your BC pills and that effectiveness varies. Tell him to wear a condom.
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