How can you tell if a person is a virgen or not

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It was once believed that if a woman’s hymen was no longer intact that she wasn’t a virgin, but it can break on it’s own. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is for virgin person or not?
I’m going to be 16 in a couple months, and I have been wearing tampons for about a year now and I’m still a virgin. Tampons are really helpful and much more comfortable than wearing a big, puffy pad. But they do hurt the first couple times …
How can you tell a virgin from a person who’s not a virgin??’s_not_a_virgin
Some people that you think is a virgin, may not be a virgin. Some people you can easily tell if they are a virgin, and some you might can not.
Would you date a person who was not a virgin??
Date, no, Marry, yes. Love holds no limits !I

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should i tell my boyfriend i slept and cheated with another boy?
Q: i been with my bf for a year and some change we’ve even talked about marriage kids the whole thning then i just lost my virgenty to another boy i never told my bf that i cheated and lost my virgenty should i tell him i mean he cheated then i cheated so we can be even but i did it agin but worse i was a virgen and he wanted to break me so what should i do oh yeah um i liked that person alot before me and him went out then had sex my bf gonna kill me right or wrong
A: Yes. I think he has a right to know. Even if it means risking losing him. It’s only fair to him.
How do I tell my friend she needs to go home?
Q: she wants to move in with me and my family, but now I feel like she is trying to take over my life, I’m not jelouse of her thats not my problem I love my life its just she isnt the person I knew in school any more she is 19 and resently lost her virgenity and has been with 4 guys already she hasnt been a virgen for a month now, I think she only came up here so she could sleep with my boyfriends best friend, I feel bad avout this because i dont want to hurt her, but I dont want her to contune to live here. what do I tell her and how do I keep this from ruining our friendship,the only thing she dose is sleep all day, then gets up makes long distance phone calls and three ways and on top of that she talks to guys on the internet and then goes to bed about the time I get up in the morning. I’m afraid that she has been telling them my addres and giving them my number, I just dont know what to do we will be moving soon and I dont want her to come I just want it to be my family?
A: She doesn’t sound like much of a friend. Talk to your family about her moving in with you they have a say in it since they will be living with her too. If she continues to live with you then you will need to talk to her and set some ground rules about living together. If she has enough respect for you and your family she will follow those rules. If not then she will have to find another place to live.
Would you think a successful person would date me?(description inside)?
Q: I am latina born here. I am going for a degree in nursing, of which I will finish in 2 yrs. I am told I am smart (logically too)I am 21. In shape, slim, perky butt. Small boobs(smallB) 5’5″ 130lbs. light brown eyes. Naturally golden tan, long straight silky black hair to half way down my back.I have a great sense of humor, and love to go out for adventures.know how to save my money, I love to dress classy and sophisticated.I am mature, quick-paced, and responsible. I am told that I am proffessional.(manner wise)I love to go fishing, sports, hang out with the guys.I am independent(I don’t need to hang out with friends to go to the mall)Very optimistic and am such a clean freak.I haven’t dated many guys(am way too shy, I reject many because I have high standards, and many seem to be too desperate at my age) Am a virgen. Don’t have acne. have natural beauty. all in all, I am conservative and patient, with a very laid-back personality :)most people would describe me as sweet and nice.Am I missing something?
A: i love to meet u and know you better. my e-mail is [email protected]
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