How many days late can a period be

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That depends on how regular you are. Anything more than a week and I would be worried! Text ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many days is a late period?
If there is a reason to take Plan B (you had unprotected sex within the last 72 hours) then you could take for what it is, an emergency contraceptive. Otherwise, clinically you have to wait 7 days before a doctor will say you are late. Just…
7 Days late for my period. am i pregnant?
If your period is late and you are regular you could probably take a test now and it would be accurate. Its a good chance you are pregnant since you have been trying and your period is a week late. Good Luck!
Why is my period 10 days late?
you tested to early the first time around, you should always wait at least 7 days after your period is due, just to be safe… (that’s just my View, lol) I hate that gutting feeling of the BF ugly N to, But seeing as your 10 days late now, …

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How many days was your period late until you found out you were pregnant?
Q: I’m 8 days late. I just want to know when I should take it because I don’t want to waste money on pregnancy tests that give me the wrong answer. 🙂 I kept a record of my period four months ago and they were either just one or two days late. This one is eight days..
A: I had to be blood tested 4 days after missed period. It was positive. (I was tested because I was scheduled for surgery just 1 week before I found out!) Needless to say I didnt have surgery!!!I say take a test and see. If its negative, get a blood test!
How many days late was your period before you got a positive pregnancy test?
Q: My husband and I have been TTC for 3 months and this month my period is 2 days late, my breasts hurt like hell, and I am having hot flashes … but my hpt this morning was negative….
A: I tested a few days early…neg. Then I tested a day late…neg. Then 3 days late…neg but when I tested 5 days late it was positive. I don’t believe the whole 5 days before your missed period stuff that they advertise on the HPT.
How many days late does your period have to be before testing positive?
Q: I am 4 days late on my period and I have taken 2 pregnancy tests both coming up negative. My breasts really are not sore at all but I have had some cramps that feel like I’m about to start for about 3 days now and I haven’t. Is there a chance I am pregnant even though 2 tests have come back negative? And when should I test again if I still don’t get my period?
A: You can wait a few more days and try again . . . but I have known women who did not get the positive on an hpt. If you are late, you could call the doctor and have them confirm with a blood test. Good luck!
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