What are some unusual baby boy names

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Some unusual boys names are: Asher, Ezra, Quinn, Lyle, Keegan, Ari, Elliot, Nevin and Kaden. Come ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-unusual-baby-boy-names ]
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How to Choose an Unusual Baby Boy or Baby Girl Name??
Naming a baby is obviously an important event since it affects the child for the rest of his or her life. Parents choose carefully for many reasons: they want their kid to have a strong name , a catchy title, a flowing sound with the surnam…
What are good names for a baby boy?
I think if i had a child i would want it to have a unique name and for a boy maybe Zeke, Zane, xavier, Force
How to Choose Unusual or Rare Baby Names for Boys or Girls?
All parents want their children to have rare baby names to set them apart from the rest of all the other children. Although parents have a good reason to prefer a more distinctive name for their children and give unusual baby names like Jem…

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What are some unusual baby boy names that mean warrior?
Q: that have j,x,v,q.u, and/or z. That names doesn’t have to have all these letters but i would like to have at least one of these letters in the baby boy name.
A: samurai x
What are some good unusual baby boy names?
Q: All sensible answers appreciated (‘:
A: MarleyTracey
What are some unusual baby names…boy or girl?
Q: I’m pregnant and due in October and I’m trying to think of baby names. I don’t know what I’m having yet so I’m looking at boy and girl names. I want something uncommon and different, but nothing too crazy. Any suggestions?
A: Girls :Isla *pronounced eye-la*Elodie *pronounced ella-dee*AloraJoelleAudraBriarMinaMilaDelaneyCambryNolaHadleyRemiMacieRhiannonSummerKeiraKeelyIrisOliveIvyNaomiReeseBoys :ColtonAlecHoldenTrentonDeclanBeckettLennoxKieranEmmettDavisClaytonNolanAltonMicahLeviTalonRylanZaneVannTaivenOliverJonahAceCaleHope those helped…good luck 🙂
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