Is it safe to take two birth control pills a day

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If you forget to take your pills for 2 days, take 2 pills the day you remember and 2 pills the next day. Follow normal rate after. [ Source: ]
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Is it safe to take two birth control pills every other day??
No, it will make it much less effective. The pill is 99% effective when taken PERFECTLY meaning at the same time every day. Taking even one pill a month on a different day or a different time makes it less efective, so taking half your pill…

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If I miss two days of birth control, is it safe to take three pills on the third day?
Q: If I miss say, sunday’s pill and monday’s pill, is it safe and somewhat effective to take both those day’s pills and tuesday’s pill on tuesday? So I’d be taking three days of pills?
A: No it is not. The information insert on your pills should say what you need to do when you miss 2 days. In most cases it will tell you to take 2 pills and discard the third one. You might feel nauseous that day. After that continue to take your pills as usual. You might have light bleeding for a couple days. No unprotected sx for a week otherwise there’s a big chance you’ll get pregnant.To avoid missing days take your birth control in the morning. That way if you forgot to take it you still have the whole day to remember.
Is it safe to take two birth control pills in one day?
Q: I missed my pill on friday because it was so hot in my room i fell asleep,Today I took my Friday pill the time I was supposed to take the one I was supposed to take Today on saturday ..Is it okay for me to take my saturday pill after I took my missed pill the same time ??
A: Yes you can safely take two pills in one day for most of the daily birth control pills. You just can’t make a habit of it.
Is it safe to take 2 birth control pills in the same day if I have really bad breakthrough bleeding?
Q: The bleeding is so bad I cant really function so would it hurt or even help at all if I took two of my Cyclen pills today?
A: Don’t do that!The only time you should double up is if you miss a pill.Talk to your doctor if its so bad and see what they suggest.
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