Is there a chewable birth control pill

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Yes, Ovcon 35, an oral, spearmint-flavored contraceptive tablet can be chewed and swallowed. FDA approved on Nov. 14, 2003. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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How the Birth Control Pill Works
Introduction to How the Birth Control Pill Works ­If, 100 years ago, you told a woman that one day women would be able simply to swallow a tiny pill to avoid getting pregnant, she wouldn’t have believed you. In 1909, condoms had already bee…
What is the birth control pill
What is the birth control pill? The combined oral contraceptive pill (the pill) is a reversable, hormonal method of birth control.
What are side effects of the birth control pill?
Pro’s are clearer skin and regular periods. Con’s are weight gain and a run in with depression. The choice is ultimately yours. Try the injections they are suppose to have less of a change of bringing on depression and you don’t have to wor…

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Has anyone seen the commercial for the new chewable birth control pill?
Q: I am just curious, I was resting and watching TV while my children are napping, and the commercial came on. It was telling how it is a chewable minty pill that can be taken anywhere…then in small print at the bottom, it says…followed by a full 8oz glass of water. So my question is…if you have to have the water anyway, why not just take your regular birth control pill and how in the world does that make it any easier or more convienient? You still have to have water, so it really is no different, you are just chewing a pill then drinking water, instead of taking the pill with water…do these companies think we are dumb?I understand some cant swallow pills, but that is not how they advertise this pill, it is shown to be able to be taken anywhere at anytime, it shows her taking it at a gym and at work. It isn’t for people who can’t take pills, it is supposedly for the woman on the run, but unless you carry a bottle of water, you probably are not going to have an 8oz glass of water on the subway.
A: oh… hehe.. i didn’t see that part. well that IS stupid. i almost thought it was a good idea!
Have anyone tried the Femcon Fe chewable birth control pill?
Q: I will be starting this birth control as soon as my period starts and I heard some good things about it but I wanted to get other people opinion about this.
A: I’m on it. It’s good. Not much else to say about it!
chewable birth control pill?
Q: Can anyone tell me the web site for this chewable birth control pill I can’t find it.So I thought this was the pill that you didn’t have to take it the same time everyday in case you forget? I can remember to take a pill every day but not everyday at the same time you know. Does anyone know what pill I am thinking of and the web site for it?
A: That particular pill is called Femcon, and it’s
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