Where can I get Plan B and how much does it cost

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You can get Plan B, without a prescription as long as you are 18, at Pavilion Pharmacy located at 810 Lane Ave. S Jacksonville. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-can-i-get-plan-b-and-how-much-does-it-cost ]
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Where did you get your plan B and how much did it cost??
walmart pharmacy. about 40 bucks without insurance.
DO you have to be 18 to get the plan b pill and how much does it …?
Depends where you live, I know here (Australia) and in the UK you don’t have to be 18 but I think in the USA you either need to be 18 or have a prescription. Try a Planned Parenthood. It costs around $25-40. Harriet

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how much does the “plan b” pill cost?
Q: i need to go and buy it. i know that plan parenthood charges $40 for a walk in and if you make an appointment then it’s free. unfortunately i couldnt get an appointment. so does anybody know where i can get it cheaper? or how much it cost at a target, ride aid, walmart pharmacy? and if i need a perscription or could i just get it by asking? please help!i know $40 isnt alot.. but right now im not the richest person out there so if there is a cheaper way to get this pill..please help me outthanks
A: I saw it in CVS/ pharmacy (in Alabama) for $40.
Where can you get Plan B pills or morning after pills? do they require doctor’s prescription?
Q: im 18, me and my bf didn’t technically have sex…he tried to put it in but i didn’t let him…but still, it was around that area, so im really scared right now….first of all do you think need to get Plan B pills? and about how much do they cost?
A: You probably don’t need the pills. But in the US they cost about $50 and you can get them from a pharmacy, generally with a prescription. However, if you go to Planned Parenthood I believe they have a different policy. Also, if your boyfriend is pressuring you I’d suggest getting away from him.
where can i gt plan b?
Q: last night my boyfriend got some nut on me. I don’t think it got onto the vaginal opening but I know it did get on my lips and close to my vagina area, I know it did not get inside the vagina. there could be a possibility that it did get on the entrance ALITTLE i do not know if it was my nut or his. I wiped everyting off very well with a dry towel and then washed everything off and out. It is about 5 days after my assumed ovulation time TODAY. last night it was four, but it was vry late at night and almost midnight. What are my chances of getting preg? Also if I where to get a plan b, how would i go through the process of getting it? At the drug store? would they tell my parents or need my parents? How much does it cost? please help? do i have to call and make a prior prescription before i get it?? can i just go to the store and get it? plaese help! If i dont do plan b what are my chances of getting preg????
A: Plan B, you could get it at any pharmacy, rite aid, cvs, Walgreen’s. you just go to the pharmacist and say you want Plan B. its about 45 bucks n its just two pills. you’re supposed to take it no more than 72 hours after you’ve had sex. so if you take it after 3 days you had sex,, that sucks. you take one then take the other … either 6 hours or 12 hours after the 1st. i think its 12 hours tho. they do ask how old you are tho so I’m guessing you gotta be 18. but if you’re 18 then you don’t need your parents or nothing.and i hope your not pregnant,good luck.
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