How can i get a faster 40 yard dash time

How can i get a faster 40 yard dash time

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The best way to improve your time is to work on your stance and improve your start which can shave off 1/10th of a second. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do you get a faster 40 yard dash time?
RUN! Do sprints and run 2-3miles.
Does your 40 yard dash time get faster as you get older??
It depends…If you are not fully grown meaning you are a kid or a teenager it will get faster. This is because your lungs get bigger and your legs will get longer. If you are fully grown it does not get faster because of your age. It might…
What is the fastest 40 yard dash time
Deion Sanders officially ran a 4.17. He also ran a 4.57 backwards. DeAngelo Hall ran a 4.15 (on rubber track, which is considered informal for the 40 yard) second 40 yard dash. On a regular dirt track he ran a 4.24. Reggie Bush ran a 4.33 O…

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how can i get a faster 40 yard dash time?
Q: on my football team it seems like the 40 yard dash time is the most important thing. what can I do to get a better time? im 5’6″ 170 pounds i can bench 250 and i can squat 300 my usual time is around 4.7
A: What you can do is by fixing your start, you need to have an explosive and quick first step. You can fix it by working on it on a sprinter stance and stepping forward rather than stepping backwards. Another thing is to have long strides, they will help you better than short choppy strides
i want a faster 40 yard dash time?!?
Q: im 15 almost 16 and last season as a sophmore i ran a 5.3 forty yard dash. I am 5-8 and around 140 pounds…i am going to be playing varsity next year as a junior and i am working my ass off this offseason. Could you give me some tips on what to be working on to get a faster 40. I am really pissed about my time because im actually pretty fast. THanks
A: Deffinately run indoor and outdoor track. If you want to run any faster you must WORK hard, whether its on your form, starts or anything.p.s. at only 140 lbs, it would be a sure bet to put on a few more pounds of muscle before next season.
What is the average 40 yard dash time?
Q: I play basketball. Im a junior in high school, and I want to know what the average 40 yard dash is. Im and a good 40 yard dash time, and a blazing fast 40 yard dash.
A: 4-4.5 seconds is pretty good..

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