What is tae bo

What is tae bo

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Tae Bo is a fitness regime based on exercising to music and performing movements that derive from martial arts such as tae kwon do [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-tae-bo ]
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“Tae” refers to the leg and foot, for the kicks and lower body workout, and “Bo” refers to the boxing moves and upper body punches that are an integral part of the explosive, high-energy workout. It’s a repetitive action…
Tae Bo is a combination of aerobics, martial arts and kick boxing. It should help you if you do it every day but in order to effectively meet your weight loss goals you must implement a decent diet and intake a lower amount of calories than…
Billy Blanks created these moves himself and calls the workout style Tae Bo. The Korean word Tae means foot and leg, bo is a shorten version of box. Billy explains Tae Bo as: T-Total commitment to whatever you do A-Awareness of yourself and…

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Does the Tae Bo Amped really work and is it good for beginners?
Q: I have been struggling to lose the “baby” weight for 3 years now and have been moderately successful lately-cutting out lunches with coworkers, limiting sodas and sweets, and eating much healthier. Everyone tells me to work out, but with my schedule, there is not time for a gym visit. I cannot run much because of a bad knee (car accident). I saw the Infomercial last night for Billy Blank’s Tae Bo Amped and it seems like something I can do in the morning before showering or in the evening before bed. Is this a good start for a beginner? I really want to get healthy and lose the “muffin top” and “love handles” as well as upper thighs, tone the butt and get rid of the saggy upper arms. Thanks for your help
A: We do not have too much time as we remain too much busy with our daily routine activities like going to the office, spending most of day time there and then coming home back in the evening. In the morning we remain in hurry to reach the office, as we do not love to leave our bed on time in the morning. In the evening as well, we do not prefer to walk or exercise and mostly prefer to spend most of the remaining time in watching TV, eating delicious foods and talking to our family and friends. So we rarely are able to save some time for our health and losing the extra fat around our bodies.But the truth is that we need to give some time and make some efforts if we really want to lose love handles. * Avoid eating and sleeping late in the nights. Do not go to bed straight after taking your dinner. Healthy option will be to do some walking straight after the dinner. * We love junk too much as that sounds really tasty to us especially in the weekends. Eating junk food will no way do any good our health and our body fat. So try to avoid junk food to some extent at least. * Avoid processed, canned and refined foods and prepare fresh foods that include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. * If you are a beer or wine addict, it is not good news for you. The more beer or wine you drink, the more calories you are going to consume. Alcohol does not contain nutrients but contains fat only. It may not be possible for any of us to leave it fully, but we can have it on some big occasions. * With these steps, you will also need to be regular with your exercises. You do not need to go to the gym for doing the exercises. The ultimate goal is increasing the activity level which you can increase by walking in the morning with your friends or dog, playing some outdoor games, playing with your kids, bike riding or doing some cleaning work at home.
What can i do besides the tae bo cardio workout?
Q: Im currently doing the Complete DVD Tae Bo cardio workout 3 times a week.What should i do on the days that i dont do cardio?As in strength training,situps,wii sports,etc?
A: Are you trying to lose weight?If you are I am to so I go to Gwen’s Fit Challenge Center and so far I lost 2 pounds in 4 days! =)
Which is the best Tae Bo DVD to show most results in 8 weeks?
Q: I have never done Tae Bo before but have heard great things. Would like to tone all over, but really want to tone waist/belly, back and bum. My fitness level would be beginner to intermediate. Can anyone recommend a great Tae Bo DVD to start with?
A: hell yea i can recommend a great tae bo workout dvd !!! billy blanks tae bo boot camp !! there is 3 dvd’s to the set the first is a beginers level and teaches technique etc. but is still challenging. the secound is intermediate which obviously is a lil harder than the 1st and 3rd is an ultimate fat burning workout but is advanced ! u work your way throught the levels of the dvd’s they get harder as you go because your metablism slowes as you lose weight so it gets harder to lose more so u need to do more challenging things. i’v been doing the dvd’s for a month now (everyday) when i first started i felt alil bit silly but enjoy it now and have really toned up and dropped a dress size i have only been doing the 2nd dvd for a week. the dvd’s are an hr session and are a great calorie burning workout ! i couldnt possibly praise this program enough.

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