How do you lose 20 lbs in 3 days

How do you lose 20 lbs in 3 days

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Even if you ate nothing for the last 3 days, you wouldn’t lose 20 pounds. The best approach to losing 20 pounds or more is a slow but steady approach. It is much healthier. 1-800-2ChaCha for unlimited ?s. [ Source: ]
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How can you do in order to lose 20 lbs in the next three days??
“Lose 20 Pounds or More” Dear Editor, I saw an ad that said I could lose 20 pounds in 3 days. I really need to lose 20 pounds fast but how can I lose weight without falling prey to some gimmicky weight loss scheme? ~~ Terry Dea…

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Is it possible to lose 20 lbs in 20 days?
Q: Hypothetically I’m 5’3, 130 lbs and stuck in a deserted island for 20 days with only water.Let me clarify: I know it’s unhealthy, unsafe, might require me to lose a body part, etc. The question is, is it POSSIBLE?
A: Nope. Not unless you starve yourself or get multiple tapeworms. And what’s wrong with being 5’3 and 130 lbs? You’re in the normal weight range, you know.
Is it possible to lose 20 lbs in 21 days?
Q: In a healthy way without doing any damage to my body. I am planning to go on the treadmill an hour a day, Eat a lot of fruits and veggies. I’m not going to have any soda, sugar, or fry food. I’ll eat a little bit every 3 hours and I will stop eating at 7pm. With this plan, would I be able to lose 20 in 21 days and still be healthy?how about 15 lbs?
A: Not unless you were severely obese.It will take at least 2 months (60 days) to lose 20 lbs healthfully.That being said, good on you for cutting out sugar, sodas, and fried food. It’s a perfectly good plan, but you won’t lose that fast. You might be able to lose about 7 lbs in that time though. Good luck.
how to lose 20 lbs. in ___ days?
Q: i need to lose weight.i’m five feet tall and weigh 120 pounds. i wear a size five or seven, depending on the clothes.according to the doctor, my ideal weight is 101 lbs.last year, at the same height, i was 105 pounds so i know it can be done. i gained weight over the summer after being unhealthy.sooo how can i lose 20 pounds?i have a treadmill and i walk briskly at level 3 [out of 10] for thirty minutes everyday. i can’t go higher because when i run, i trip and fall. i have no coordination, even on a treadmill.i do 60 crunches everyday.i’m signing up for an aerobics class that will be twice a week for one hour per session.i am a vegetarian, and i don’t drink soda at all. the most fatty thing i have everyday is a medium-sized cookie with a glass of milk. [i’m trying to do this every other day]how long will it take me to lose 20 pounds? what are some tips and how fast did you lose weight?blue rain, it’s better than asking ‘should i change my avatar?’. if you don’t like the question, just move on.
A: I feel ya chica, I’m 5’1 and 120 lbs right now.. I’m a vegetarian too. Although I’m not really sure if my ideal weight is 100 lbs- I haven’t been that since I was in 6th grade 6 years ago- and I have big boobs. I’m actually a size 2 or 3 though. But I am working on losing at least 10 or 15 pounds as well.How long will it take? I think a month or two. Possibly longer.. I’m hoping to lose 10 lbs by January 6th, but I don’t know about that. Keep working out- I do the walking for half an hour thing too, and I’m trying to eat healthier. I have way too much junk food at my house right now, because of the holidays. If you’re losing 2-3 lbs a week, I think that’s good progress! Good luck, we’re in the same boat!

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