How long would it take to walk 300 miles

How long would it take to walk 300 miles

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It takes 10 minutes to walk 1 mile so it would take 3000 minutes to walk 300 miles. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How long does it take to walk 300 miles?
It depends on the speed – At 2 mph it would take five days without sleep – so ten days with sleep.
Who long would it take to walk 300 miles?
A good average walking speed is 3 mph. So you could say that it would take 100 hours. Sometimes, people walk a bit faster — when i was 12- 14 I could walk 40 miles in 10 hours and did so on a couple of occassions — but they are unlikely t…

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How long will it take to walk from lands end to litton cheney including sleeping,eating and drinking?300 miles?
Q: i am doing an aprox 300 mile walk for charity and i would like to know if anyone could help me work out how long it may take me.
A: sorry but you will have to work that out for your self there are to many factor how long are you going to take for a break? What route your going to take. how many mile a day your planning to walk?Only you can work this out.If its any help I have done a 100 miles in four days a long time ago with friends for charity
who long would it take to walk 300 miles?
Q: do u know
A: Always use 20 miles per day as a constant when walking the Appalatian(sp) trail. 300/20 = 15 days.
How long did it take to walk to camp 300 miles away when 1 mile equals 5280 feet and are walking 70 steps per?
Q: per minute and one step is equal to 1.5 feet?
A: Correct, you’d use distance = R*TFirst, you need to get them all in the same unit (feet)To see how many feet you need to go in all, you’d multiply 5280 by 300. (This is 1584000). Here’s your distanceSo plugging them in, so far you have 1584000 = Rate * TimeYour rate is the 70, but the 70 is in “steps”, not “feet”. To get it into feet, you multiply 70 by 1.5 (because the problem says 1step=1.5feet)This is 105So now you have 1584000 = 105 X TimeTime is what you’re trying to figure out, so you’d need to divide the distance by the rate. You get 15085.714 (rounded to 3 decimals, if you need the whole number use a calculator)That’s in minutes.. obviously a huge number. To get it in hours you divide by 60. 241.528 hours. or 10.476 days.

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