Why do you sweat out of your butt

Why do you sweat out of your butt

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Don’t wear clothes or undergarments that are too tight.Very tight clothing can impede the flow of air around your body and (more) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-sweat-out-of-your-butt ]
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Does your Butt Sweat?
Yup. My butt and legs sweat when I sit for a long time or when I go for a walk on a hot day.
Why does your butt sweat?
Because it has pores that release sweat to cool down just like every other micro pore on your body.
What Is Butt Sweat?
Butt sweat is actually a form of excessive sweating called truncal hyperhidrosis It is usually seen when sitting down. You may notice it happening and start to feel the moistness. Standing up is the biggest fear of sufferers and often, the …

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Does your butt sweat when you excercise?
Q: Sorry kind of gross, but when I exercise I sweat profusely, and it seems my a**hole sweats too. I can take a shower before I go to the gym and make sure I really wash my butt and I still get smelly sweat coming out of my rectum. What can I do? Is it diet, i.e. not enough fiber? Do I need to give my self enemas on a regular basis? Sorry, I like to be clean and find this disturbing, anyone else have the same problem?
A: Maybe it’s only your age. When I was teenager I use to swet a lot. Not my butt, but under the arms. When I was 20 or 21 y.o It stopped. What I mean is maybe it’s only a hormonal disturb.
Why does my butt-crack sweat when I really need to poop?
Q: Whenever I need to poop really badly but have no option but to hold it for a while, my butt-crack starts sweating like crazy. Does this happen to everyone?
A: Okay the muscle contractions when your trying to hold your poop in is in fact, causing your buttcrack to perspire. The same holds true for any muscular contraction. The more a muscle has to work, the more it perspires. On the up and up, the sweatier your buttcrack is the easier it is for poop to flow, as the sweat will act as a lubricant.
Why does my Butt hole sweat so much?
Q: Okay, my butt hole sweats like 3x more then my body, like when its even slightly warm, or i do some small manual task, it just fills up with sweat and then every time i sit down i leaks through my pants making them smell so bad. i Take a shower every day JUST because of this very problem? any solutions or products to recommended?
A: See a Dr and try using depends..

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