Does the Ab Circle actually work

Does the Ab Circle actually work

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Yes, the reviews are very positive on the Ab Circle. The machine solves the problem of using the abs correctly by getting you up off the floor and into a supported position, kneeling on all fours. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Does Ab Circle Pro Work?
About as much as walking or running. Buy yourself a good pair of running/walking shoes instead.
Does the ab circle pro really work?
Obviously lazy ppl who wanna make excuses for why they are sitting on the couch eating pizza and watching tele in their spare time are going to say it doesn’t work because they’ve either spent the money and been too lazy and expected the ma…
How Does the Ab Circle Pro Work?—How-Does-the-Ab-Circle-Pro-Work?&id=2754916
There’s a lot of talk regarding the AbCirclePro fitness machine. This is likely due to the heavy promotion for this exerciser and how it can help you to burn belly fat. But how does the Ab Circle Pro really work? Basically, it has 2 posi…

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Does the ab circle pro actually work?
Q: I am interested in buying th ab circle pro, but I’ve seen some good revies and some bad ones. I want some real opinions! Its very expensive and I want results
A: i also thought it was too expensive but i got it anyway just to try it out and it has been about a week and so far so good.i start sweating after a minute (not because i am large, im only 50kg, im using it to tone), and all the people that say its too easy.. they aren’t doing it properly. when doing the bun and thigh exercises keep your butt area low and do not slow down or stop.when doing the abs and obliques try keeping your upper body still and just move your hips side to side.there are some problems though, the knee pads aren’t comfortable at all! but i just put something underneath them.its very tiring on your definitely have to do it for more than 3 minutes and try to eat healthy.this is what i’m eating:-yoghurt-bananas-apple-tuna-salad-omelette (one egg- so it’s smaller)-up and go drink (chocolate) – it could taste better but its good enough and it fills me up in the morning, its healthy-cheese low fat coon (snack)-low fat philadelphia on crackers-brocolli-subway :)can i just say, do not just do the ab circle pro, go for a bike ride to the beach or something then go for a run on the beach (barefoot).i’m gonna start doing this also ^^ ‘coz you need cardio.i’ll keep you posted if you like, hope this helps 🙂
for people who have tried the AB CIRCLE PRO, does it actually work?
Q: im thinking about purchasing it….comments/reviews would be incredibly helpful. thank you so costs 200 plus 35 S&H. does it really work…because I’ve read reviews saying it ONLY shows results with additional diet and exercise…if so, what’s the point of the purchase. is ANYONE getting results by JUST using the ab circle pro for their workout.please, anyone who has used this product, please leave feedback because i have been searching through countless reviews and many people are just as confused as i am. my main concern is with the workout…if it actually helps you lose the inches and burn off the fat, that’s wonderful. i dont mind using the abcirclepro for half an hour a day and eating healthier…..because honestly…3 minutes…really? once again. PLEASE PLEASE leave HONEST first hand feedback. thanks so much.
A: I have been looking for some reviews as well and I guess I will never know unless I try it for myself, I just ordered mine and waiting to receive it. If you would like I will keep you updated on what kind of results I get.
Does the Ab Circle Pro really work?
Q: I wanted to purchase the Ab Circle Pro but I wasn’t really sure of wether or not it will be a scam. I would like to know if it actually gets your abs stronger and helps you lose belly fat.
A: It’s a scam.

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