How long did it take

How long did it take

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There is no information regarding the amount of time it took Minoru Yoshida to do those pushups. [ Source: ]
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How Long Does It Take to Get a Passport?
The passport system takes about four to six weeks to process a passport, although the post office can expedite the process for an extra fee. Find out why some countries require a passport to expire six months after the departure date with h…
How long does it take to get a bachelors degree?
Dude, that depends on how many hours you take each semester. Usually it takes 4 years. I think roughly 120 semester hours are needed for a Bachelors, and a full load of classes is usually considered to be 15 hours. That’s 30 per year, times…
Who wrote hymnal In evil long I took delight?
“William Walker”

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How long did it take you to get a proper period and to get pregnant after stopping the pill?
Q: After you got your bleed from finishing the pack, how long after that did you get a proper period?If you didn’t get one, how long did it take you to get pregnant?
A: I stopped taking my pills at the end of my cycle, had a normal period 21 days after that (I was always pretty regular) and I got pregnant between 3-4 months after we weren’t sure which day was the day of conception
How long did it take for you to do normal activities after birth?
Q: I am asking because I do not get a paid maternity leave, and need to go back to work as soon as i can, as long as I can walk, I will deal with being sore. How many days did it take to feel normal again?As much as i would like to spend time with her I cant because I am to poor.
A: 2 weeks is too little. I would give about 6 weeks.
How long did it take you to fully recover from open heart surgery? Not how long do doctors say.?
Q: I know that the doctor tells you that you can return to full activity after 3 months. I want to know when you feel like you are recovered.The person that I am asking about had a hole between the right and left auricle closed. She did not have a cardio-pulmonary disease. She is still not feeling fully recovered after 4 months. She used to only have 85% blood sat and now has normal blood sat but still feels tired.
A: I had 4X Bypass in Oct 2004, I returned to work part Time in a easier job in Mid December, I went full time in Mid-Febuary 2005, But I remained tired alot for almost a year, That is typical, My brother had 5X Bypass in June and he still gets tired easy even though he is able to walk 2 miles a day but He is tired, Tell her she will feel better but it takes a while

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