How many days a week should you stretch

How many days a week should you stretch

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Research indicates that people who stretch on a regular basis, 3 – 5 days/week in the morning, afternoon, or evening, have MORE? [ Source: ]
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What type of exercise (if any) should I do the other days of the …?
Resting and recovery is just as important as running. You need to give your body time to adapt and recover. I usually suggest anywhere from 1-3 rest days per week, but this varies depending on the runner. I recommend cross-training activiti…
How long should i stretch a day if i want splits in 3 weeks??
It honestly depends on how you’re stretching. If you’re doing it the old fashion way by doing the splits, I’d say stretch for at least one to two minutes a day. I know this may sound like it’s too much, but since doing twenty seconds a day …
Why is Summer Stretch only three days a week?
Most Summer Stretch classes included fairly extensive homework assignments, and having some free days allows students more time to schedule their homework. In addition, while these courses are intense and require a lot of hard work, we also…

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HOW many days to a stretch in a week like 4 days a week? to gain flexibility?
Q: i dont always warm up before is it ok?
A: Not if you want to be flexible and your stretching to be effective for you. Not only that but you risk tearing or pulling a muscle much more as well as decreasing your flexibility instead of increasing it if you are not warming up. Warm muscles stretch more easily than cold muscles. Not only that but by warming up those muscles and the areas around them a little you get your heart rate up and this helps facilitate the carrying away of lactic acid which is a by product of muscles. Among other things it causes stiffness and soreness as well so warm up first. You will find your flexibility will increase if you first warm up and then practice slow, static type stretching holding each stretch for 15-20 seconds. Also make sure to breath properly like they do in Yoga; breath out through your mouth on the extension phase and then in through your nose out through your mouth on the stretching phase. Breathing this way helps to relax you and a warmed up, relaxed muscle stretches better. Avoid stretching to the point where you feel sharp pain or ripping; only stretch as far as a dull ache. Ripping or sharp pain indicates that you are stretching to far and excessively causing tearing of your muscles. This actually builds up lactic acid more and also scar tissue in your muscle fibers making you less flexible as a result. That is where many people really work against themselves and why they seem not to make any great progress even though they are stretching. Use gravity and props like chairs and walls to help you stretch more easily and effectively and stretch the areas around your muscles as well; not just the muscles themselves. Your lower back has a lot to do with this and so if you work on strecthing your lower back and its flexibility I quarantee that you will make more progress in the hamstring and groin muscle group than you would otherwise. Also strecth parts of each muscle and muscle group first and then the entire muscle. Do some reading on the internet on static type stretching and dynamic type stretching (stretching certain muscles and muscle groups in a certain order) and warm up, breath properly, work associated areas like your lower back, and isolate muscles and strecth parts of them first and then the entire muscle and you make huge progress over a month period if you strecth five days per week. A good routine will only take twenty minutes once you have it down and then remember to do some light stretching at the end of your workouts. I am in my mid 50s and can still get within six inches of the floor in the American splits and nine inches in the Chinese splits.
Any advice how many time we should do stretching sessions in a week?
Q: Is there anyone have an advice about how many times in a week we should do stretching sessions? Is every day the best, or twice a week or three times a week? and how long the duration for each stretching session should we do?And any advices about the best stretching for building leg and lower body flexibility for martial arts?
A: it depends on what techniques you want to master, some martial arts have kicks or positions that require great flexiblity, while others don’t. Great jiujitsu players like Eddie Bravo reccomend stretching whenever you can; sitting on the train or at your desk, while reading, before going to bed, in the morning… whenever. The more often you stretch, the quicker you’ll see results. Just be careful not to hurt yourself.
How many days per week should I *not* exercise?
Q: Hi there,At the moment, I’m focusing primarily on cardio as my main aim is to slim down, though I do a small muscular workout after each cardio session (basically, crunches, push ups, lunges and some stretches of different muscles). For the past month I’ve generally been doing this each day – except for last night, when I went out with friends and had two slices of pizza and a soft serve cone (I had also been extremely healthy up to that point). I decided to write the whole night off as a break that wasn’t going to happen again for a long time – only this morning I got up to what I swear is a better reflection in the mirror than yesterday. Basically, it seems like taking the night off actually did me a world of good.All that anecdotal information aside, I’m wondering: how many days per week should I be taking a break in order to maximise the efficiency of my exercise? My current mindset is to either take a break once per week (ideally on Sunday), take a break between every exercise day (for example, exercise like normal on Monday, don’t exercise on Tuesday, exercise on Wednesday, don’t exercise on Thursday), or to split up my exercise – doing the cardio work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the muscular work on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and leaving Sunday completely free.Does anyone have any ideas or opinions as to what the best option regarding breaks is? Or even if my own experience overnight was just a fluke?Thanks in advance.The Anony-moose.
A: It depends on the level of intensity and length of your workouts – cardio, weights or whatever.If you are running 1-2 miles or jogging for 30 min or something low intensity like that then 5-6 times a week isn’t too bad. If you are sprinting hard or doing 20 mile runs then you’ll need more rest time.

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