What are good forearm workouts

What are good forearm workouts

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The exercises for forearms are Wrist Curls, wrist curls behind the back, wrist twists, reverse wrist curls, hammer curls (MORE) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-good-forearm-workouts ]
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What are the best forearm workouts?
i have a couple of things you can try. 1) while your watching tv, squeeze a tennis ball. 2) take a 45lb plate and hold it in both hands over your thighs. then infront of a mirror, keeping the plate close to your body and your arms parrelell…
Why Workout Forearm & Wrist?
Forearms tend to be neglected in most workouts although they are highly visible and impressive muscles. Not only that, they are also responsible for getting a strong grip. Nearly everyone thinks that the actions generated by the hand and fi…
What workouts can you do to get thicker forearm veins and make th…?
Who F’ing cares if your veins are popping out or not. If that’s all you want to accomplish, you might be able to do it, but it won’t last for long. The novelty of having bumpy veins will wear off and you’ll be back where you started. Try be…

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What are some good forearm workouts that i can do when i don’t have weights in handy?
Q: When im at home or something and don’t have any weights what are some good exercises to workout my forearms?
A: Get a couple of your heaviest cans from your kitchen cupboards and use those as weights, or, for that matter, anything of the right weight in your home you can handle easily. Have fun!
what are some good forearm workouts i can do at home with no weights?
A: squeeze things. Try to buy one of those squeeze things that work your grip.
good forearm workouts?
Q: What are some good workouts I can get for my forearms, so that they aren’t so bony? I realize genetics play a big role in size but I’d still like to know some workouts for my wrist and mid-forearm areas
A: These two exercises work wonders for me:1) Sit on a chair (bench/couch, whatehaveyou) with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Place a semi-heavy dumb bell in one hand (I use 15 lbs) in the position as if you are about to do a bicep curl. Turn your wrist 90 degrees so your dumb bell is perpendicular to the floor. Using just your wrist, twist the weight back and forth slowly – controlling the movement. Do 20 reps on each arm and do 2-3 sets per day. 2) Sit in the same position as #1. This time, keep your hand positioned as if you were going to do a bicep curl. Gently open your hand and allow the weight to roll down towards the end of your fingers (without dropping the weight!). Before the weight reaches your fingertips, grip the weight and use your fingers to curl the weight back to the middle of the palm of your hand. Do about 10 reps of these, 2 sets at a time. I’d do them every other day. (At first, they KILL! But the results are fab).Good luck! 🙂

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