What is a good workout to strengthen your core

What is a good workout to strengthen your core

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Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core without building bulky muscle. Most local gyms offer a pilates class. ChaCha On! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-workout-to-strengthen-your-core ]
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How to do a core strengthening workout
Learn how to get hard core with a stability ball. B Curated 1 year ago by rmansur | Comments Views
What are good core workouts i can use to strengthen my abdominals…?
Ok one good core workout is if you have a stability ball. Lay on your stomahc on the stability ball. Once on the stability ball raise your right amr with your left leg and hold for two seconds and then lower. Then raise your left amr with y…
What kind of workouts help strengthen my core for running Crossco…?
the best would be various ab workouts such as: crunches, bicycles, leg lifts, scissors etc. For best results make it a circuit: do 20 (or as many or as little as you want) crunches then, 20 bicycles, 20 sit-ups rest for 30 seconds to a minu…

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What is a good core workout for a 13- year old girl. I am a runner and I want to strengthen my core.?
Q: Im 5’3 and about 90 pounds.
A: Hey, 13 and a boy but yeah, for girls our age just exersise and eat well, dont be a stupid girl who thinks shes fat, Eat meat and just live well, 90 pounds for a girl is solid, not fat, and i think ur doin fine.
is there a way to strengthen your core muscles through fencing?
Q: For a women’s fitness final, i need to design a workout that will include, stretches, cardio workouts, core/abdominal workouts and a cool-off. I’ve been fencing for almost three years, but i just can’t seem to find an exercise that helps the core/abdomen.
A: I know this exercises that is great for the core. You lay in a push up position. Have your arms be in a “L” shape with your forearms on the ground. Then raise your body, keep your back straight. Your toes and your fore arms should be on the floor. Your torso and legs in the air. You can do it for 30 seconds and up. I usually do it for a minute. It strengthens the torso and the ab area.
What exercises should i add to my workout if i want to get toned all over and strengthen my core?
Q: i want to tone up my arms, shoulders, legs, back, stomach.. lol everythingloose some fat (i dont have a lot.. just a little around my stomach)and strengthen my core.. abs, obliques ectwhat exercises do you do and what do you think i should consider adding to my workout?thanks guysps, the more details, the better
A: bench, squat, curl

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