What is a tip to run faster

What is a tip to run faster

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Make a commitment to train for three days a week. Alternate between longer and shorter runs. also do not forget to stretch and always drink water before and after your work out to prevent cramping. ALWAYS warm up before you stretch. If you More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-tip-to-run-faster ]
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How to Run Faster: 7 Tips
The proof, right there in black and white, that what I thought of as a fast run was really more of a jog, and that the “big hill” that was slowing me down was really only about 200 feet in elevation. Reality checks are nice every …
Does anyone have any tips on how to run faster?
Just get stronger and run short sprints. Locomotion scientists proved that running speed is determined almost entirely by the ability to apply muscle support force into the ground. The fastest runners apply more muscle support force in shor…

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