What is the highest squat

What is the highest squat

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Scott Weech Jr. squatted 826 pounds in Burlington, Vermont to claim the highest raw squat in their history. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-highest-squat ]
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How to jump higher by properly squatting
Jump higher by properly squatting. The squat is an excellent exercise that properly works the quads, glutes, hams, and core. This is a very activity specific exercise to vertical jump training as it mirrors well the muscle activation involv…
High rep squatting redefined….is it any good?
If It works for you then stick with it. I put 4 inches on my quads in one year by doing 4 sets of 6 reps on squats ( 3 sets to failure), and little else. After that I would only train quads hard 4 months out of the year because they got so …
Should High School Athletes Squat?
Note: Doug Jackson interviewed his friend and colleague Jeremy Hartman, a world-ranked powerlifter and top high school strength coach, for this Q and A about how important squatting is for athletes. Question from Doug to Jeremy: Hey, gotta …

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Is having a squat max of 285 enough for a high school football safety?
Q: What can most high school free safeties squat? I can only squat 285 and I’m gonna be a senior starting free safety…
A: No. Squats have nothing to do with making the team. It’s how the person plays. Why would you have ask this question here if you’ll be a senior starting safety? I’d think you’d know that if you played.
Does anybody know how much you have to squat for high school football ironman testing?
Q: I go to high school and there we have iron man testing for football and does anybody know what the minimum weight is for squating to get into the squaters club?
A: it depends on ur high school
Whats a good max in bench and squat for a sophmore in high school?
Q: For a guy that weights around 210 pounds, what could be a good max in bench and squat in his sophmore year of high school?
A: im a sophmore and high school and im 6ft2 200lbs and i can squat 245 and bench 215 so somewhere around there

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