How do you practice your agility

How do you practice your agility

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To become more agile, Stretch and run often. Thanks for using ChaCha. Any more questions? [ Source: ]
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How to practice agility drills for soccer
Learn to improve your speed and agility on the soccer field with the help of these agility drills. Also watch more sports how to videos including tips, tricks, advice, and directons on soccer how to for free.
How do i make a homeade teeter totter so i can practice agility w…?
Don’t skimp on the teeter- if poorly made it could crash or react in such a way that you end up with a dog who has fear issues with the teeter. There are kits you can buy that have the fulcrum and base, which is the hard part, and then you …
Is there any breed you would like to practice agility??
I want a dog that likes to work. Then all dogs are individuals and they have advantages and disadvantages. You have to find the right way to learn your dog the things you want. I think that’s a big part of the fun! Border collies have been …

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Training with practice agility equipment?
Q: I have a friend who wants to do agility with her dog, one day. The dog, a Border Terrier, is about a year old.She has some practice equipment and I’ve stressed to her that if she actually wants to compete one day, she needs to make sure she teaches the dog to use the practice equipment right so she won’t have big problems later. (i.e., not running in the tunnel and attacking the sides or running out the entrance.)She has a tunnel from Ikea, which the dog adores. She just found a small training ramp at Target, which is what I have the question about. It is built for agility but it’s rather small. It says for dogs up to 150 pounds, but it seems kind of pointless for such big dogs. It’s less than a foot tall and about 4 1/2 feet long.Any tips on playing with the ramp? Right now it’s all fun but she doesn’t want to develop bad habits for later. Should she make the dog walk slowly so he at least steps on the downramp? As in, imitating contacts?I ran out of space, but I also wondered, since it was small short both length and height, about making the dog stay on it from the onramp to the offramp. Maybe a wall on one side and something on the other while teaching him?Anyway, any tips at all that you have about having fun with the equipment while not training bad habits for later agility would be great.Thanks!
A: the small equipment is a good place to start. if she is having issue with the dog jumping off the ramps before hitting the bottom she can use a wall in 1 side and her body on the other side should keep the dog on. also treating with cookies at the bottom of the ramp will help. Also making the dog stop at the bottom and treating will help the dog have good contacts. ( the contacts need to be touched on obstacles it is usually a different color at the start and end of obstacles like the dog walk, tetertater, A frame ect.)if she is serious about trying to compete in agility she can get a book called. Introduction to Dog Agilitywritten by Margaret H. Bonham and or find an agility trainer in her area. AGILITY IS A BLAST.As long as your friend stays happy and upbeat and uses lots of praise and cookies the dog will have fun!!!!!
Is there anywhere I can practice Agility like in the Kinzville academy?
Q: In the Webkinz Kinzville Academy I cannot get past level 4 in the Track and Field classes. I have been trying for almost 4 days in a row now and I can’t seem to beat it. Is there anywhere I can practice that because you are only allowed to do each class once a day. Also if you have any tips for beating the class I would really appreciate it!
A: just keep practicing
How do i build a dogwalk????? I want to practice agility at home and i want to build this not buy it?
Q: I am competing in AKC competitions, and if you can give me a website that would be great!!! Thanks
A: Here is a nice dogwalk to build at home. Easier than the standard ones because of the way they built the supports.

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