What is average BMI

What is average BMI

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This depends on the size of the person, but normally about 25 is average. ChaCha real talk. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-average-bmi ]
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What is the average BMI?
go to this website and it will show you your BMI http://pediatrics.about.com/cs/usefultoo…
What is the average bmi of a man?
There is no average. it all varies on statistics.
Does anyone know what the average monthly take home pay is for a …?
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Where can I find average BMI by gender and age?
Q: Please do not link me to a BMI calculator. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can look up say for example, average BMI of a 24 yr old female, where a survey was taken of BMI’s of 24 yr old females and averaged out. Ty.
A: average for a 24 year old woman is 18.3 – 23.5. but i say thats too high so i say healthy is 16.7 – 22.3
what is the average bmi/weight/height for a runway model today and an average woman?
Q: i’m doing a project for school explaining how models are too thin, and portray a bad image for women.i need to know the average bmi for a runway model for a given height and weight, and the same for an average woman today. thank you =]
A: Models, I would guess, are around 110 lbs and 5’10 maybe. Average BMI would be somewhere between 15 – 16.5, which is very underweight.The average healthy woman is probably around 130 lbs at 5’5. Healthy BMI, 20-24. Average BMI, probably would be in the late 20’s.
will the atkins diet work for average bmi people?
Q: im female, weigh 113 pounds and am 5’2, so i have a normal bmi. im planning to follow the first phase of atkins where u eat no more than 20 carbs for 2 weeks. i am also going to go on a 30 minute walk everyday (i hate high intensity cardio). so do you think ill lose at least 5 pounds or something around there? please i really need advice from doctors of people who have done atkins!
A: Absolutley, however you must follow the rules after the induction phase (one) or else you will gain all of that weight back.. 5 pounds alone will be water weight you may even lose more

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