What is the best workout to get strong arms

What is the best workout to get strong arms

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To get strong arms, work the biceps with curls and the triceps with triceps extensions. Also, hit the forearms with wrist curls. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-workout-to-get-strong-arms ]
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Is arm wrestling a good workout to get stronger?
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which workout helps you to make big massive arms and strong forearms?
Q: i really want to make big massive arms with strong big bulky forarms.. and i don’t go to gym anymore so i have barbell set at my home. i usually do some bicep curls with barbell but i really don’t get good results from it.. i also do lots of push ups and i have 10 pound dumbels and i used to work them from my shoulder raises. i need some good workout to increase strenghth in arm and make bigger and bulky arms with bulky forearms
A: Check this site out, It helps out quite a bit http://ktempesta.nononsense.hop.clickbank.net/ This thing helped me pack an inch all across my frame, with free tips and tricks from a true profesional
Please please help BICEP workout for strong arms!!?
Q: HEY!im 17, i want stong arms, but not bulging biceps, just stong and toned ones.ive been told to do medium weights of 20 reps and 2 sets per each exercise. this is my workout:2 sets of hammer curl (20 reps)2 sets of bicep curl (20 reps)2 sets of concentration curls (20 reps)during the end of some of the reps my arms kinda shake. they are sore 2 around reps 15 of the concentration and biceps curls, but i keep going.is this right?are my arms supposed to be sore even if im not doing heavy weights for building muscle mass?I rest 60 seconds between each set.please can someone tell me if im doing my bicep workout right and my arms will increase in strenght, not generally size.please people any info u have will help=)maybe i might be able to do more bicep exercises but i feel that doing the above 3 is enough as i dnt want to injury myself. am i just being naive???yes i do push ups and other tricep exercises 2 but im just wondering about the biceps. is the workout ok?
A: Alright man, i definitely think i can help you out on this one. Ive been training for a while, getting amazing results, I also train in MMA, Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do, so training isn’t really new to me, but it did take me a while to figure out. First of all, the key to getting stronger, bigger, more lean or whatever you are looking to do is two things : ALWAYS switch up your exercises (don’t ever let your muscles get used to doing the same routine, same weight all the time) and that you do it right. Make sure you don’t overwork, the biceps are a small muscle so you can’t overdo it and expect them to recover and grow. every time you lift you tear muscle, it has to have time to rebuild. Now 20 reps is too much unless are looking for endurance, and 60 seconds is too little of a break unless you want great stamina (for example it would be a good workout for a fighter). Do exercises slow and controlled, 6-10 reps (MAX of 10) with a good break in between, I know that sometimes it feels like a 2 minute break is slacking but you need some time to recover in between sets. Do 3 different bi exercises, 3 sets each, 6-10. Also make sure you hit your triceps, they are the opposing muscle, you need to build up your opposing muscle to make sure you’re bi’s get big too. goodluck and email me if you need anything, i can help you out with setting up a training scheduel
6pack and strong arms in 45 days? (workout)?
Q: I’ve started workout a couple days ago (4-5) and its already easy to see that my muscles are getting bigger..Do you think it is possible for me to get a good six pack & strong arms in 45 days? sorry for my english..
A: Absolutely. I’m living proof. Though I don’t have pictures at this time, I can tell you that doing the three basics especially (push-ups, sit-ups, and running). Even when you are sore, don’t stop. You can make a HUGE difference in 45 days.

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