Where is the sternum

Where is the sternum

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The sternum is a flat, dagger shaped bone located in the middle of the chest as part the rib cage! Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-is-the-sternum ]
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Where is the sternum?
if you put your hands right in the centre of your chest the flat bone you can feel is your sternum.
Why does my Sternum hurt?
You should go have an x-ray done. It sounds like a minor fracture. You’re pretty okay if you can breath, bend over, and go about your daily living without it hurting. However, if it were broken, fractured, or stunned you will always feel it…
What Is The Function Of The Sternum?
It is a long flat bone that is connected to your ribs protecting your vital organs such as; heart, and lungs.

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What is the inverted triangle at the base of the neck, where the clavicals meet the sternum, called?
Q: If there is a popular name, as opposed to a scientific name, that is what I am looking for.
A: the top of the sternum itself is shaped like a trapizoid and is called the manubrium, also the knotch at the top of the manubrium is called the jugular knotch.hope this helps
Lump on where my lower sternum and ribs meet. what is it?
Q: Ok so its a very lower part of my sternum it feels like bone and i can push down one it without pain. It just doesn’t look normal to me. When i stand straight up and it sticks out and i dont know why. Any information would be great.
A: It’s called the xyphoid process. It’s normal.
medical question lump beneath sternum where ribs meet?
Q: I have a lump as described above which I’ve notice since I’ve lost about 15kg’s over the last three months. may have been there before, it is about 3cm diameter and raised a few mm’s. Hi Holyoke, could you explain what a xiphoid process is – forgive my ignorance I don’t have a clue?
A: is it a lump, or is it your xiphoid process that you didn’t notice before losing weight?_____it’s a little bit of bone, just below your sternumhttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3d/Gray115.png

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